iOS 13: How to customize your Messages profile

Bryan M Wolfe for iMore:

Apple is making it easier to share and customize your contact profile through iMessages. In both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can create, edit, and customize your information at any time. Here’s our first look at the new feature.

  • Setting a name and photo for your profile in iMessage
  • To add your name and photo for iMessages:
  • Tap on the Messages app on your mobile device Home screen.
  • At the top of the screen, select the … icon.
  • Near the bottom, tap Edit Name and Photo.
  • Tap Choose Name and Photo on the Share Your Name and Photo with Friends page.
  • Select the View More by scrolling to the right.
  • Tap on the photo you’d like to use.

More in the article (recommended) at iMore.

Memoji are automatically made into sticker packs built into the iOS keyboard, so they can be used in Messages, Mail and other apps.

MacDailyNews Take: With Apple’s Messages becoming hugely popular among iPhone-using teenagers, little details like these make its platforms ‘stickier’.


  1. Yes, but WhatsApp lets you bold text. When will Apple add that? Also, WhatsApp lets you copy PART of a message (on iOS you have to copy the ENTIRE message). Simple, little things that make other messaging apps SO much nicer and easier to use. Oh well. How I miss Steve…

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