U.S. President Trump says meeting with China went ‘far better than expected’

Elizabeth Zwirz for FOXBusiness:

President Trump on Saturday touted the success of his “great meeting” at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan with Chinese President Xi Jinping, during which the leaders agreed to restart trade talks.

The meeting exceeded expectations, Trump said, tweeting that it went “far better than expected.” The president also elaborated on the compromises he made with Xi. “I agreed not to increase the already existing Tariffs that we charge China while we continue to negotiate,” Trump wrote. “China has agreed that, during the negotiation, they will begin purchasing large amounts of agricultural product from our great Farmers.”

He also spoke about his previous announcement regarding the Chinese tech giant Huawei, in which he gave U.S. suppliers the okay to sell components to the company. “At the request of our High Tech companies, and President Xi, I agreed to allow Chinese company Huawei to buy product from them which will not impact our National Security,” Trump tweeted. “Importantly, we have opened up negotiations again with China as our relationship with them continues to be a very good one.”

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday, hopefully a U.S.-China trade pact is coming sooner than later!


  1. While Trump is at it, Canada did us a solid, holding the a president of Huawei, for the US. China needs to over look this counterfeit pork they are holding all of Canada’s meet exports, in retaliation. Yes Canada can speak for themselves but we are global partners and it will go a long way. Just saying.

  2. Most things go “far better than expected” when expectations are low or nonexistent. Given the lack of planning and preparation in the Trump Administration for major global meetings, there are seldom any solid expectations. Mostly, we just hope that Trump doesn’t do or say anything even stupider or more dishonest than usual.

    1. “we just hope that Trump doesn’t do or say anything even stupider or more dishonest than usual.”
      Trump was doing okay till he started talking about Obama in a checkable lie.
      It’s not his fault, he can’t help himself.

  3. I find the anti-Trumpets sounding off to be amusing. Meanwhile the economy is rocking, small businesses (especially retail) seeing profits they haven’t seen in decades, stock market booming, unemployment at record lows, people coming off welfare in droves, etc. etc…but yeah, Trump is a stupid???

    1. Yeah, many have nothing to offer except criticism and jealousy that Trump is doing better than their man-god Obama. They are so blindsided by reality they can’t deal with it.

      1. “doing better” — please provide us FOR ONCE the measures you use to determine this “fact”.

        Let’s look at a nice map from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the government agencies that Trump wanted to defund. It clearly shows that Trump’s rural Bible Belt supporters tend to be at or near the federal minimum wage, which Trump has done nothing to revise to, you know, actually help working class people. Wage growth has been flat for decades, and as you know, despite all the campaign rallies and the sudden wave of belief amongst Trumpistas that the labor statistics, after years of being fake, are now suddenly spot on accurate — well how come none of the trickle down is making a sudden improvement in working class families’ quality of life? Perhaps because every multinational corporation like Apple has merely bought their own stock and continued to outsource as it always has?

        1. Oh, here are the unemployment rates: you’ll see that Coal Country, the southwest, and Coastal Caribbean — all major centers of Trumpista activism — are faring relatively poorly. Sparsely populated northern plain states still can’t entice enough workers to stay past one winter… and Bernie’s state for some reason is tops. Interesting.

          1. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! While GDP is the crudest of measuring tools, it does offer a broad brush look at what the average person creates in economic value. Never mind that one billionaire declaring residency in a tax haven state can change the “average” GDP by many thousands of dollars, here’s the lay of the land. Sorry Trump Country, you aren’t pulling your weight. It is disgusting that Mississippians generate only $39k of economic value per year, about half of those liberal iPhone toting Californians. It’s not about being part of the “new” tech economy either. New England has some of the oldest roots and hits way above its boxing weight. Those evil liberal havens of the states that fought the Civil War on the right side of history also tend to earn dramatically more than the states with “surplus” African-American population, the labor that “states rights” advocates wanted to exploit for free. Now they just pay below minimum wage to them and keep the disenfranchised out of the best schools.

            Special note: the swamp has clearly not been drained if the K-Street GDP is $203K per year. Explain that, you loyal Trumpista reformers.

    2. Anti Trumpers show their stupidity with every comment. Its fun to watch actually.

      Especially that idiot, Citizen X, you know the one who help create the PC market while Gore was busy inventing the internet.

      1. What you keep missing is that the economic momentum that you consistently DENIED was building over the last decade is in fact dissipating. Factories are not popping up all over the USA. Even here on these pages are people explaining why Apple refuses to build anything in the USA anymore. Adding a tax on consumers isn’t changing that. Flip flopping on Huawei sanctions is not helping that. The trade balance, which has always been much less important than citizen health or prosperity but now is somehow used as a measure of greatness by the politicos on the extreme right, is WORSE since Trump took office. So why are you keeping insisting what a great job the train wreck in chief has done? Because he praises dictators at every turn? Is that your measuring stick of greatness?



      2. Hey D. I loved dancing on the stage with Queen Latifah as I videotaped her for Trick, a Rap artist. I even got credits on his album. Then sitting with Ice (mother fucking) T, banned in San Diego at ClubX in Tijuana. We had just come from interviewing Bootsy Collins in San Ysidro earlier in the evening. Oh man, it was great talking with Ice-T about how white people would assimilate Rap just like they do everything else.
        Oh Yeah. The week before, I was up in Hollywood helping interview David Faustino. From Married with Children.
        Man those were great times. Eazy-E, CrissCross, Timmy T, Gerardo, Wu Tang Clan. I actually got to be security for them at different shows.

        You. Still whining about me.

    3. please back up your assertions with references. what you claim simply isn’t true. economic trends were progressing well since 2009 until Trump decided to start trade wars with everyone. small companies are suffering from steel and aluminum tariffs, and farmers are going on welfare at record rates. for a party that used to believe in free trade and keeping government out of business, they sure picked an odd way to reverse course. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/02/gop-base-poverty-snap-social-security/516861/

      get your facts straight.

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