1. I believe the person in the video is dead wrong by stating the PowerBeats Pro are very expensive. Expensive is relative and these are not expensive compared for example to the Sennheiser Momentum @ $299 and my my favorites, the Bang & Olufsen E8s 2.0 priced at a whopping $350. And in my honest opinion, for the difference between and the E8s 2.0 which have wireless charging (but the charging pad is not included, they are USB Type C, and the bass is nicely equalized out between it, the treble and the high range woofers. For classical music and opera, those can’t be beaten, period. What’s nicer, if you don’t care about wireless charging, you can now purchase the E8 model without the wireless charging that come with USB Type A and hear the same quality of music with the identical earbuds as the 2.0 at only $200 which are cheaper than the PowerBeats Pro by $49. Great Deal! Eight hundred dollars ($800) for truly wireless earbuds would be expensive, I agree, but the PowerBeats Pro are priced right in the middle of the models out there in the sale market.

  2. A bit more expensive, but cheaper in the long run when you are able to keep them attached to your ears. Haven’t lost one yet.

    As compared to the Apple ear buds that don’t quite fit snuggly enough to stay attached to my head while walking or otherwise engaged in another activity.

    Sorry Apple a a bit too minimalist to keep replacing.

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