Uh oh: Real-life 5G test eats up entire data plan in 50 minutes

Daniel Van Boom for CNET:

I’m sitting on a park bench on a sunny Friday in Randwick, a Sydney suburb just a hop, skip and jump away from Bondi Beach. I’ve stopped to smell the roses like a retiree, except instead of feeding the birds breadsticks I’m perusing the Google Play store for a game. I feel like some chicken dinner. PUBG it is! I click download. I check Twitter. I answer an email. After 54 seconds, PUBG, a 2.04GB game, is ready to play.

This accelerated download speed, much faster than the 5 minutes, 57 seconds it takes to download the game via my office broadband, happens thanks to LG’s 5G-equipped V50 ThinQ. Is this the future? Almost… About 25 minutes in, after several speed tests, downloading PUBG and two movies from Netflix, I got an SMS. “You’ve used 50% of your 20GB data allowance,” Telstra warned me. Uh oh.

It will be impossible to burn through 50GB, let alone 150GB, just by using social media, answering emails and streaming YouTube on 4G. But with 5G speed comes incentive to, y’know, use 5G. When 5G speeds outpace home broadband by a significant margin, data will have to become cheaper for those blazing speeds to be convenient and truly useful.

Yes, 5G is here. It’s exciting. But just know the party only really starts once coverage is wider and data plans become bigger or, ideally, actually unlimited.

MacDailyNews Take: The carriers has got some work to do with data plans and pricing for sure. The good news, or bad, depending on your perspective, is that, if the carriers want to sell us 5G, we’re all about to find out how much they’ve been overcharging us for data for all these years!


  1. I look at it as services that will now load much faster. Using Maps sometimes has lagged on updating when scrolling too far ahead or in downtown ares with lots of info.

  2. Get your Faraday devices installed to protect toir delicate cells from 5G which is 100 times more powerful with cell towers ubiquitous than 4G. I predict puzzling new and current maladies galore.

    1. Of course, as a beta tester for 5G, you can see how my delicate cells have been undamaged, I have no new and current maladies, I’m completely sane!

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