It’s the small touches, these hidden gems, that make Apple’s iOS 13 a joy to use

iOS 13 brings exciting new features to popular apps this fall.
iOS 13 brings exciting new features to iPhones this fall.

Jason Cross for Macworld:

Dark Mode. Privacy enhancements. All-new Maps. There are lots of big new features in iOS 13 to get excited about, but we’re just as excited about the little things: small touches, quality-of-life improvements, and little features that make our daily interactions with our iPhones more joyful.

As we kick the tires of the iOS 13 beta, we’re discovering all sorts of cool little features that didn’t make the stage for iOS 13’s WWDC debut. Here’s a list of some of our favorite hidden gems buried just out of sight in iOS 13.

MacDailyNews Take: The new volume indicator is worth the price of admission alone! Of course, the price of admission is $0, so enjoy the TONS of improvements and additions – Contacts is massively improved – that Apple has in store for hundreds of millions of us iOS device users!

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