Reading between the lines of Apple’s WWDC announcements shows the shape of Apple’s plans to come

Dan Moren writes for Macworld:

…Beyond just the features that Apple has included (or hasn’t) in the next versions of its software platforms, there’s also a lot to glean from these [WWDC 2019] announcements about the company’s future plans. In some cases they’re obvious; in others, you just need to read between the lines a little bit. As I pored over Apple’s website, I noticed a few things that made me think about what the folks in Cupertino might have in store.

Browse through the list of features for iOS 13 and iPadOS and something might catch your eye: an entire sub-heading devoted to improvements specifically for India. This includes everything from an Indian English voice for Siri to support for all 22 of India’s official national languages to new Indian fonts and typing prediction for Hindi…

With iOS 13’s swap for the “press and hold” feature, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 3D Touch quietly shuffled off in this year or next year’s flagship iPhone, consigned to the dustbin of history as an experiment that didn’t quite pay off…

MacDailyNews Take: India, obviously, is a high priority and there is much headroom in that market for Apple to finally begin to serve. While we loved (and stil love) 3D Touch, most or all of what it offers can be accomplished via long presses and haptics. That’s a good thing as it delivers 3D Touch features to all iOS devices, not just those equipped with 3D Touch-capable screens. It also saves Apple money from having to produce complicated hardware which will hopefully translate into more palatably priced iPhones at the high end.


  1. A potentially big bonus in removing 3D Touch physically from iPhones is it may make it a lot easier to introduce ApplePencil to the iPhone.
    3D Touch has always been this extra layer under the display rather than being fully integrated into it. Maybe because of this, it just didn’t scale very well when it came to the iPad.

    While I love 3D Touch and I’m not a fan of long pressing, I would far prefer Apple standardise the feature across all their platforms as it makes for a more consistent and better user experience overall.

    It’s even more important now that iOS and iPadOS introduced the ability to implement contextual menus in apps.

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