Apple Maps’ new ‘Look Around’ feature is way smoother than Google Maps’ Street View

Charlotte Henry for The Mac Observer:

Apple revealed that there would be a new Look Around feature in Apple Maps at iOS 13.

It is similar to Street View in Google Maps. However…

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Maps’ smooth, crystal clear Look Around puts Google Maps’ choppy, antiquated Street View to shame!


  1. I have no doubt that many have experienced problems with Apple Maps in the past. My own experience has been different (no problems).

    That brings me to the next version of Apple Maps. It looks great and in many ways far surpasses Google Maps.

    Looks like Apple’s Map development center located in India is producing great results.

  2. That’s amazing smoothness. Looks like many intermediate ‘frames’ were taken in Apple Maps. Anyone know how much more data heavy using the Look Around is vs Street View? The concern is that if it is significantly higher, some unlimited services that introduce throttling after a certain data allowance will make other data-bound services slower much earlier in the month/billing cycle.

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