Dexcom CEO teases Apple Watch collaboration: ‘This tool is great for people with diabetes’

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

Tyler Clifford for CNBC:

Dexcom will launch a number of upgrades for its G6 diabetes system over the next year, including its direct-to-Apple Watch version, CEO Kevin Sayer said Thursday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this year said he wanted to leave a mark on the health care industry under his tenure at the iconic technology giant. The collaboration between the two companies would allow diabetes patients to track glucose on Apple’s top wearable device.

“It’s coming,” Sayer said in a sit-down interview with Jim Cramer on “Mad Money.” “And this tool is great for people with diabetes.”

MacDailyNews Take: This is, unfortunately, a huge market which makes it a very big opportunity for Apple Watch:

Apple Watch could become the essential device for hundreds of millions of people with diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation:

International Diabetes Federation facts: Number of people with diabetes worldwide


  1. An Apple Watch that could read blood glucose directly all by itself would be HUGE. They would go flying off the shelves, even by people are not diabetic so they would know when they might become pre-diabetic or for simple health and diet monitoring.

  2. Great, maybe someday the watch will be an FDA certifiable device. But right now the people who have them are predominantly iMessage addicts, fashionistas, and gadget freaks. Maybe insurance companies want to hook you into an electronic leash but you do not see retirement homes or hospitals putting them on their clients wrists. Because the Apple Watch is 90% annoyance.

    The majority of diabetes cases can be easily resolved with diet and exercise. $100 running shoes are a better investment than a $300+ electronic nanny that DOES NOT offer medical precision. If you think you need to subscribe to Apples rental workout music, pop expensive wireless headphones in your ears, and observe some gadget drawing colorful rings in order to be physically healthy, you are doing it wrong. Most watches are ill suited to the huge variety of sports and exercises that you can enjoy. If you are too busy on the sofa playing iPad games and watching Apple TV, the buzzer on your wrist isn’t going to improve your life. You actually have to get outside and move. An hour of basketball every day with your kids will do more for your health and theirs than a pile of broken Apple Watches.

    Apple is merely cashing in on the same inherent human laziness that made pharma pill pushers rich.

    1. Clearly you foolishly don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Sure diet and exercise will help diabetes along but easy glucose monitoring to tell if you are hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic is very important. It’s a balancing act and any device that will help you maintain consistency on top of other methods is NOT a cash grab. If you knew the whole picture about diabetes you wouldn’t spew such BS. Crassly cynical much?

    2. Are you kidding? My blood glucose on my watch is a lifesaver. Alarms that tell me when I am going to be low gives me time to adjust. Alarms for raising sugars gives me time to add a bit more insulin. It is impossible to control diabetes without knowing what your sugars are. Impossible. This leads to loss of limbs, heart disease, neuropathy. blindness.. I could go on. The first step in managing diabetes is knowing your sugars so you can respond to them. I don”t even dare to go for an hour of exercising without first knowing my sugars, adjusting my insulin rate to match, or eating some glucose rich food like an apple (or even two). i can even swim with my watch on. My life was hell for years and when this technology came along I can actually live well and manage my sugars and stay healthy.
      You have NO idea what you are talking about unless you’ve been there

  3. Who needs more than a sundial to tell time? What illness can’t be cured by bleeding to rebalance the humors? This whole technology thing is a passing fad!

    1. Accuracy matters. Nobody needs a device that gives them false readings. just because MDN rolls out another episode of its weekly Watch sales pitch, doesn’t mean the holy grail of accurate blood analysis is any closer. MDN sounds more like Theranos with every overhyped Watch health pitch. It will tell skiers they have fallen and call emergency services automatically! Somebody might be saved! Yippee!

      1. No device is perfect. That’s why it needs to be calibrated, especially if you think the readings are high or low. the device never says you BG is high or low, it says your BG READING is high or low. It’s up to you to question it if it doesn’t seem right, do a fingerstick and calibrate. And you can calibrate DEXCOM

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