President Trump meets with Apple CEO Cook in White House

Jennifer Jacobs and David McLaughlin for Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook visited the White House on Thursday to discuss Trump administration’s efforts to develop job training programs that meet the changing demands of U.S. employers.

The meeting was part of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, a working group that includes many corporate leaders. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump unveiled the initiative earlier this year.

“The private sector’s really stepping up,” Ivanka Trump said on Thursday. “We’ve secured commitments. Tim Cook from Apple, who was here today, he’s been a real force on both the advisory board and his commitment to life-long learning generally.”

Emily Birnbaum for The Hill:

President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook held a meeting at the White House on Thursday, the latest in a series of closed-door discussions between the president and top tech executives.

Trump told reporters during a lunch meeting with governors that he met with Cook earlier in the day, according to pool reports.

Trump has met with top tech executives including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai in recent months…

Trump has previously indicated a fondness for Apple’s Cook, and in March made headlines when he referred to him as “Tim Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, it was a productive meeting.

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  1. Tim Cook’s good relations with President Trump are a master stroke of leadership in the political hive mind that is Silicon Valley. It helps that Apple is still a hardware company that doesn’t depend on surveillance to make money and by default isn’t as deep in the censorship game as advertising companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook. Despite obvious differences with the president he knows what’s good for Apple and if more manufacturing shifts back stateside it’ll be a tremendous boon for the US as well.

  2. Trump is a great President. We really dodged the Hilliary bullet. Thank God also for Tim Cook, who is leading Apple from strength to strength.

    Tim Trump is better than just being Tim Apple.

    Go away Sanders, stick your socialiism up yo clacka, you lousy excuse for. Poltician!

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