More U.S. millennials subscribe to video games than traditional pay TV

Hilary Russ for Reuters:

More American millennials now subscribe to a video game service than to a traditional paid television service, according to a survey on Monday, as consumers favor new forms of entertainment that are shifting the broader media landscape.

About 53% of people born between 1983 and 1996 now pay for gaming services, versus 51% who pay for television, according to a survey from the accounting and professional services firm Deloitte.

That is compared with Deloitte’s survey last year, in which paid subscriptions among millennials were 44% for video games and 52% for television.

Kevin Westcott, who leads Deloitte’s U.S. telecom, media and entertainment practice, said increased game consumption comes as more people fill their spare time playing on mobile devices instead of reading and other activities.

MacDailyNews Take: Hence Apple Arcade, poised to become another huge hit service!


  1. They likely would have in the past too, if subscribing to video games were an option. A lot of these ‘victories’ modern companies claim are largely incidental to time.

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