How to make your iPhone’s battery last all day

Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

Battery life is always forefront in the minds of people who rely on their iPhones. So, after a lot of testing, and spending a lot of time running my iPhone’s battery flat, I’ve come up the with what I believe are the best ways of making your iPhone battery last all day.

The first one is the simplest one, but also the most effective, and that is to switch on Low Power Mode… Another trick I find that vastly improves battery life is turning down the screen brightness. OK, don’t go bananas with this one and turn it down to the point where the screen is completely unreadable because that would be counterproductive, but toning it down a bit when you are indoors and not in bright sunlight really makes a huge difference to how long your battery will last.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, turning down that display a notch or two can really make a difference. Another way to make your iPhone’s battery last all day is to get an Apple Watch. It offloads a lot of iPhone use to your wrist. By wearing an Apple Watch, you’ll be shocked at how much battery is left on your iPhone each day!


  1. I turn off push and background app refresh. I have the solid black still as the background/lock screen and keep my apps on “page 2” so my main home screen is black with just the dock. Black = not on with OLED, so I use minimal energy when looking at the lock screen to check stuff when I don’t have my watch on. I don’t even worry about screen brightness and have more than I day.. typically 2, worth of battery. That said.. I just keep in on a wireless charger on my dresser every night.. and have never once had to worry about battery during the day. I typically have at least 60-70 battery left at the end of the day. If I talk on the phone more than usual, it can drop to 45-50%. This is with the X.

  2. Another way to make the battery last longer would be for Apple to make the iPhone one or two millimeters thicker so that there would be room for a larger battery inside.

  3. Another way to save power is to not be on your phone all day scrolling through facebook and instagram. Look up once in a while… its life…. it will pass you by if you don’t pay attention.

  4. If you want an idea of how much power the screen draws, ask a blind person who uses an iPhone.

    I have a blind friend and obviously he doesn’t need to have the screen visible so he turns the brightness as low as it will go and uses Apple’s excellent accessibility features to interact with his iPhone and Apple Watch. He reckons that his iPhone battery often lasts for 2-3 days of quite steady use with the screen off.

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