Apple’s iOS 13 is going to be faster than iOS 12 in multiple ways

Jason Cross for Macworld:

Apple announced a slew of new features coming to iOS 13 at WWDC. But you probably shouldn’t worry about all those fancy new capabilities slowing your iPhone to a crawl.

In fact, Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi opened the iOS 13 section of the WWDC keynote by saying “nothing is more important to our iPhone users than performance. So this year, we worked top-to-bottom making everything faster that you do the most.”

With the release of iOS 13, Apple is changing the way apps in the App Store are packaged together. The result, it says, is app downloads that are up to 50 percent smaller and app updates up to 60 percent smaller.

That means faster downloads, less strain on your mobile data plan, and less storage space taken up by apps… But it has a secondary effect of making apps launch up to twice as fast.

MacDailyNews Take: iOS is obviously going to continue winning those “real world” (app launching) shootouts on YouTube.


  1. These speed ups are for apps written Swift. ObjectiveC apps won’t see any change. Mind you, Apple reported that 450,000 apps in the store are written in Swift.

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