1. And why does Apple refuse to add mouse support to the iPad. Even the guy demoing the product had issue with the touch screen. Come on, the industry would explode with mouse support. We know it is a simple fix because jail broken devices have been doing it for years !!!!

    1. Jezus H Krist YOU ARE A MORON DANNY! Mouse support – wired and Bluetooth – was delivered today, not only for iPad, but iPhone and iPod touch, too.

      Please EFFFFFF OFFFFF with your STEWPIDITEA!

  2. Big, big, meh. I honestly don’t know who Apple thinks they are making things for anymore. If they didn’t have user privacy going for them, it’d pretty much be the end for me. This is all so unbelievably mediocre. Each year their keynote underwhelms even more than the last. Sigh. We can’t blame Cook entirely, either. There seem to be an awful lot of engineers around these days that just have nothing resembling vision or creativity whatsoever. :/ What in the holy heck has happened to tech?

    1. I didn’t see that coming tbh. I rather like the idea of separating the OS per device which has been happening anyway with the new additions watch and Tv etc. Will we eventually get iPhone OS I wonder or because it will likely still remain running a few other devices too will it still remain as iOS.

      But I like the idea because it removes that institutional barrier between Mac and iOS as all the operating systems become iterations of the same thing (like it or not). It might stop the ‘them and us’ arguments we keep getting from old school Macheads and the ‘new money’ iOS brigade that has become so ingrained well beyond any real rational reasoning of the relative merits of each. Once we all start taking a more adult line on this and remove the black and white approach we can judge the relative abilities of each device without even thinking about how losely related the underlying OS is.

      Personally I feel, more specialised versions of the same underlying core OS that increasingly works seamlessly together anyway but retain the flexibility to make the most of their particular device without the potential compromises of a ‘one OS for all’ approach that so Compromised Windows Phone viability with its years of delays, underwhelming performance, unrealised commonality, functionality loss and technical problems, is the better approach. The realities have never really matched the promise of such a monolithic approach however attractive it sounds. Time will tell.

  3. Glad Maps now has Street View. About time. Now all that’s needed to make Maps all that it could be is for it to have multi-point routing were the user picks their starting point (not necessarily wherever their current location may be), stopping point, and however many in-between points they want.

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