How the Apple world is quietly changing: Developers and rivals will be feeling distinctly nervous

“When Tim Cook takes the stage next week for Apple’s annual developer conference, it will look from the outside very much like business as usual. At the end of last year, there were 900m iPhones in use around the world and running its iOS operating system,” Richard Waters writes for Financial Times. “Apple has created a huge new marketplace for digital services over the past decade or so, making the yearly love-in with developers in San Jose one of the highlights of the tech calendar.”

Waters writes, “Left unsaid, however, will be how much the Apple world is changing — and what that means in the longer term both for developers, and for the company’s own bottom line.”

WWDC 2019 “takes place in the shadow of Apple’s biggest-ever push into services. Unveiled at a flashy event this spring, this involves new subscription businesses that compete directly in some of the biggest categories in the App Store, such as news, games and video,” Waters writes. “As it moves closer to launching its new Arcade games service and Apple TV+ this autumn, many developers will be feeling distinctly nervous. From now on they will be competing with Apple for both attention and revenue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As Waters point out, there will be questions as to how Apple promotes its own services, where and how they appear on the App Store, how they’re tied into the respective OSes, and much more. It’s a legal minefield that Apple has to walk to make sure they’re not inviting (more) litigation (see Spotify’s EU antitrust complaint) as the company pushed even further into services with Apple TV+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, etc.

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