Apple’s hire of Disney+ video executive creates questions about Disney CEO Bob Iger remaining on Apple’s Board

“Apple Inc. has hired a former executive from Walt Disney Co.’s startup streaming service to beef up management of the global video service it will launch later this year, a sign of the growing competition for talent between tech and media,” Anousha Sakoui and Mark Gurman report for Bloomberg. “Chiara Cipriani started with Apple as a director of video services earlier this month in London, according to her LinkedIn bio, after about a decade at Disney. She previously was an executive working on the new Disney+ service and had managed DisneyLife, its international predecessor.”

“The decision to hire a Disney executive in a competing job is particularly interesting because Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive officer, sits on Apple’s board,” Sakoui and Gurman report. “Up to now, he’s maintained that the iPhone maker’s video business is too small to relinquish that role and has recused himself from some matters.”

“Apple’s hiring suggests that the company is building up the international operations for its Apple TV+ streaming service,” Sakoui and Gurman report. “The company has hired a number of creative executives from British broadcasters, as well as talent from Amazon and Netflix.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Recusal works up to a point, but we’re inching closer to that point with Bob Iger on Apple’s BoD.

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  1. It will be an unfortunate day when Iger has to go. While he has plenty of his own issues, I have always felt that he shared Steve Job’s vision of Apple. Steve personally recruited Bob and the two had a close working relationship for many years. Unlike Eric “the mole” Schmidt, I think Iger will do the right thing, but you never know.

    1. I always thought and hoped that when Disney named their service Disney + with an unbelievable kickoff with pricing compared to the week before confusing and Oprah hugging event that Apple annc. Apple TV + that their might be some sort of partnership or Apple buys a portion of Disney. But it is clear that Cook squandered TV/movies when they had years upon years head start. Apple seems lost here.

  2. Note to Tim Cook. Amazon might be buying Boost Mobile to enter the cellular market. Apple exited the WiFi router market and could be left with just selling very very expensive phones and outdated technology laptops. While future competitor Amazon who knows no fear could wrap phone/service into prime. What a great addition to Apple Services with cellular service. Butt his will never happen under Cook’s Apple.

  3. What if this move brings Disney+ and Apple TV+ closer together with a quasi merger of some sort.????

    Disney could always use a cash backer in a Apple partnership.
    Apple could use “family friendly” content….

    1. “Apple could use “family friendly” content….”

      I find that line funny in your post when Iger is pulling his Disney weight around saying he doesn’t think Disney will be able to utilize Georgia’s filming studios with the passage of the proposed “Heartbeat Bill”.

      I’m sorry, where does Iger reside?

      Who the Hell does Iger think he is to try and manipulate the voice to the people of Georgia through their duly elected state governmental representatives on legislation of the time important to Georgians?!?

      Hey Apple, you. might want to wisen up Iger as you can’t be more “family friendly” then by supporting the Heartbeat Bill.

      1. Who the hell do the members of the gerrymandered Georgia Legislature think they are to tell Bob Iger that he has to do business in the state that ranks dead last in maternal mortality and near the bottom in infant mortality (in a country that already ranks near the bottom of developed countries in both categories). Pro-life? Only if the life is pre-born. Iger is recognizing the fact that Disney’s female employees don’t want to work someplace where the lives of adult women are treated as unimportant.

        1. Specifically, 46.2 mothers die in Georgia out of 100,000 live births. That is the State of Georgia; the post-Soviet Republic of Georgia has a rate of 36, about the same as Mexico. The world country with the closest rate to the US state (48) is the well-known health paradise Iraq.

          In infant mortality, Georgia’s 8.5 per 1000 live births is just a little higher than Sri Lanka, and about 4 times higher than Singapore.

          Family friendly?

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