Apple-1 sells for just over $470,000 in auction

“In 1976, you would have paid several hundred dollars for a brand-new Apple-1 computer, the first line of personal computers designed and hand-built by Apple founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs,” Tom Huddleston Jr. reports for CNBC. “But if you have an Apple-1 computer today, chances are it’s worth quite a bit more.”

“Just ask auction house Christie’s, which recently auctioned off a 1976 Apple-1 for nearly half-a-million dollars in London,” Huddleston Jr. reports. “The computer, which is still in working condition, sold at auction for just over $470,000 to an anonymous buyer, according to Christie’s.”

“Launched in July 1976, the Apple-1 was the first desktop computer released by Apple in the same year the company was founded out of Jobs’ parents’ garage,” Huddleston Jr. reports. “Wozniak hand-built all 200 of the Apple-1 computers the company made, which sold for $666.66 apiece (Wozniak reportedly had a preference for repeating digits).”

“In 2013, Christie’s sold an early Apple-1 signed by Wozniak at auction for $387,750, while other Apple-1 sales have fetched even more,” Huddleston Jr. reports. “In 2014, the Henry Ford Museum paid $905,000 for one Apple-1, while the co-founders of cosmetics firm Glamglow paid $815,000 for a rare Apple-1 prototype built by Jobs and Wozniak in 2016.”

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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and the Apple I

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