“A South Bay recycling firm is looking for a woman who, in early April, dropped off boxes of electronics that she had cleaned out from her house after her husband died,” Sharon Noguchis reports for The Mercury News. “About two weeks later, the firm, Clean Bay Area, discovered inside one of the boxes a rare find: a vintage Apple I, one of only about 200 first-generation desktop computers put together by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976.”

“The recycling firm sold the Apple I this month for $200,000 to a private collection, Vice President Victor Gichun said,” Noguchis reports. “And now, because company policy is to split proceeds 50-50 with the donor, he’s looking for the mystery woman who refused to get a receipt or leave her name.”

“‘I remember her,’ Gichun said. He said she was driving an SUV. He’s not divulging any other descriptive information about the woman or her car. In the future, he said, he’ll be more insistent about getting donors’ contact information.,” Noguchis reports. “To get her $100,000 check, the mystery woman just needs to show up at the company’s warehouse at 1310 Piper Drive in Milpitas [California]. ‘To prove who she is,’ Gichun said, ‘I just need to look at her.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oops!

(And Wayne didn’t really put together the Apple 1 units, he worked on the documentation and also consulted on projects such as designing an enclosure for the Apple 1.)