New Apple ads spotlight iPhone XR battery life and iMessage encryption

“Apple has shared a pair of new iPhone ads this week, with one touting the iPhone XR’s battery life and the other focusing on privacy,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The new privacy ad is a continuation of Apple’s relatable ‘Privacy on iPhone’ video series.”

“In the new iPhone XR ad, which is entitled ‘Up Late,’ Apple touts that the iPhone XR has the longest battery life in an iPhone ever,” Miller reports. “Meanwhile, the new ‘Privacy on iPhone’ ad, entitled ‘Inside Joke,’ features a woman with an iPhone XR laughing hysterically at a joke. Apple says that ‘iMessage encrypts your conversations because not everyone needs to be in on the joke.'”


MacDailyNews Take: Two very good ads.

The music featured in Apple’s “Up Late” ad is “Stay Awake” – Julie Andrews

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  1. Do not confuse delightful production which these have with delightful concepts which these do not. But confusing the two is super easy. There are too many of these perfecly rendered, facile, explanatory come-ons slithering down the pipeline toward us as if a group emission can effectively substitute for just a few impactful stories conveying a delightful, Steve Jobs-type concept.

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