Apple’s iPhone XR successor to replace Coral and Blue options with two new colors

Macotakara is reporting that Apple’s iPhone XR successor due later this year will come in 6 colors, two of which will be replaced.

Green and Lavender will replace the current Coral and Blue, and ship alongside the current 4 colors, White, Black, Yellow and (PRODUCT)RED colors.

In addition, Macotakara further reports:

It is expected that the color of the iPhone XS/XS Max silicone case could be closer to White, Black, Spearmint, Mellow yellow, (PRODUCT)RED and Lilac like the iPhone XS/XS Max leather case[s].

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, this might be a giveaway as to which XR colors are underperforming (which we could see for Coral, although most people would expect Blue to be among the XR’s most-popular colors).

Regardless, most will slap on a case and make their iPhone any color(s) they desire, as usual.


  1. The problem with iPhone colours has always been the colours. The 5c were weird colours then and trends have moved on but apple hasnt.

    The iMac used to get seasonal changes. And the company that brought us awesome colours like grape, lime, graphite and bondi blue turns these odd colours out on the XR and now supposidly again on the 11R.

    They cant even be bothered to put a white bezel on the front of the white one.

    Unsurprising that colours to paint a nursary with like baby blue and undercooked salmon are underperforming.

    1. While I initially would have agreed upon seeing their line up, that their colors are in fact rather just off… after seeing these devices in the wild they are striking. They pop in someone’s hand or against someone’s face (if they’re actually, gasp, talking on the phone with someone). They hold up in person. Let’s not also give Apple a blank check where there isn’t one deservedly. Apple gave us ‘blue’ Dalmatian and flower power iMacs. The only ones that were actually decent around that time were Sage, Indigo and Ruby. Now THAT was a color line up.

      Green and Lavender will be welcome additions. And while the X1r won’t ever be the phone for me, I think these colors will help lure many for it to be the phone for them

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