Linus is wrong about Macs being slower than PCs

“I learn a lot from Linus Tech Tips. His opinions are often very different than my own but he’s incredibly knowledgable and passionate and, whether I ultimately end up agreeing with him or not, the process forces me to evaluate, re-evaluate, and learn,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “And that’s absolutely the case with one of his latest videos: Macs are Slower Than PCs video. And Why.”

“He’s wrong about almost everything in the video and the one thing he’s right about, that the thermals prevent maximum performance, applies to similarly designed PCs as well, which makes it decidedly not a Mac thing at all,” Ritchie writes.

“Now, yes, if we want to artificially constrain the conversation to maximum sustained performance, as though clock speed exists in a vacuum, that the speed benefits of the other components, of macOS and Final Cut Pro X, of everything else doesn’t matter, then sure: Apple could make different design compromises to prioritize that. But it wouldn’t be for free,” Ritchie writes. “It would cost those other compromises, including size, weight, and fan noise, compromises that might not appeal to the vast majority of Apple’s customers.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: ARM-based Macs will take care of even the illogical naysayers.


    1. Folks, don’t upvote a troll because you couldn’t be bothered to read the 2nd of two sentences. Ugh. This account’s comments are all about attacking one regular commenter.

  1. Okay Ritchie, show me the non-thermally challenged Mac that can run multiple graphics cards in tandem, or are only the equivalently thermally challenged with Macs the only PCs there are? You can still get a spacious tower.

    But we must support the narrative, don’t we.

    1. Hi applecynic

      I’m running a MacPro 2013 with two external Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, combined with the two internal AMD’s FirePro700. Both eGPU’s are running via TB2 ports with a sonnet box. No thermal issues at all and the machine is faster than most nowadays comparable PC’s for a fraction of the price (in some optimized GPU apps, like Agisoft Metashape, is a lot faster than any similar specs PC).

      1. Sincere question. Are you running the external nvidias in sli, because tb2 can’t support the full bandwidth over a single channel.
        Secondly…. at what price? The Sonnet box is a cost you must incur due to poor or nonexistent internal expansion.

        1. I’m running the two egpu’s in different TB2 ports and with different boxes (using TB2 ports 4 and 5). Each Nvidia costed about 1300 Euros including the Sonnet Box (another one runs in a Bizon box wich costed about 1200 Euros). All working great. You need to use HighSierra because there’s no Nvidia WebDrive for Mojave yet. You also need to do a very easy tweak into the machine that you can easily find here “”. With machine learning software or highly demanding photogrammetry software, such as Metashape, this machine is a Beast.

          1. Thank you. Different ports makes sense.
            I have the same machine, but my expectations were that it replaced my Mini.

            Don’t you feel that the absence of a tower out you through unnecessary trouble and expense?

            1. No dumbass, I got a truly useful answer, and it was as I suspected. I also thanked them, but you wouldn’t understand dialogue which is why I speak your language. Moron!

            2. trapped on an old OS. as I suspected This is why I gave up on hackintosh as well. and just went full win/linux.

              NVIDIA support is PRO. AMD is for grandma’s iphoto library and dads imovie masterpieces.

              keep eeking out that NVID power while you can. new mac pros will be amd only (if we are lucky they could end up apples own shit gpu)

            3. trapped — you have gone “full win/linux”, but you have time to come here and whine about computers and an OS you don’t even use!!! WTF! Pathetic.

    2. Find me a Windows 10 version that can access SMB shares without slowing to a crawl (before you change the registry to make it usable..but can’t fix). It’s a trick question (they don’t exist).

      1. They really screwed up shares in Win10.
        Now let me ask you this…
        Is that all you got?

        Let’s not discuss any Apple machine’s upgradability.

  2. Looking at the benchmarks Macs are slower than some PCs because some of the design choices Apple are making will obviously impact performance in certain situations.

    Benchmarks also don’t reflect the quality and speed of the individual components Apple is putting in to Macs compared to your average PC. Just look at SSD performance as an example. I would actually prefer the ridiculously fast SSDs Apple is using over a slightly faster processor.

    I also think there is no point in comparing performance per cost with Mac simply because we know Apple charges more for it’s machines. You could argue that it means Macs offer less value but then you ignore all of the other advantages in owning a Mac brings you.

    There’s always going to be PCs that are faster than Macs simply because there are more manufacturers, all who will make different design decisions to Apple and who are releasing machines at a faster pace than Apple.

    The benchmarks clearly show while Apple is slower than some PCs, they are not the slowest by a long way. You have to take what Linus says with a pinch of salt when it comes to the Mac, he has always had a chip on his shoulder especially about macOS. As usual Rene is trying to be fair and polite to Linus but he can be a real douche at times.

  3. It’s a sad perception and a self inflicted wound by Apple. All I know is that no serious gamer would ever use a Mac over their PC gaming rig. Talk to gamers, they think macs are a joke, and therefore that’s the word on the street in that crowd. That sickness spreads to “iphones being over priced, my Samsung is just as good” and then it spreads into the graphics world, and it’s once again, a self inflicted wound by Apple. That said, the iMac Pro is sick and it’s all splitting hairs until the next release six months from now. I find that the people who sweat stats aren’t that great at what they do, and true artists couldn’t care less, and make greatness out of what they have.

    1. No serious race driver would ever use a minivan. No serious soccer mom would ever use a Ferrari (as her only vehicle). Every product involves compromises that will please some consumers and upset others. “Your mileage may differ” is a recognition that different folks put different demands on their tools.

    2. Gamers tend to skew this whole conversation. The fact is Apple doesn’t create dedicated gaming machines. Yes that’s sad for gamers who are Mac users but it doesn’t mean Macs are automatically rubbish or underpowered.

      We could see this situation change thanks to Metal, eGPUs, Apple Arcade, ARM Macs and Apple developing their own GPUs but its going to take time. Out of all of the things I just mentioned I think Apple Arcade could turn out to be one of the most significant things to happen for gaming on the Mac.

      I sort of feel there is another more important demographic, other than gamers, that Apple needs to better address and that is 2D and 3D digital artists. The iMac Pro along with eGPUs has been great for us but if Apple is going to reclaim this industry they really need to get the new Mac Pro right, roll on WWDC.

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