Apple earnings expected to fall for first time in 10 quarters

“Apple stock has risen ahead of the iPhone maker’s fiscal second-quarter report, even though Wall Street forecasts declining sales and earnings,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Apple earnings are due after the market close Tuesday.”

“Analysts expect Apple earnings of $2.37 a share, down 13% year over year, on sales of $57.55 billion, down 6%, according to Zacks Investment Research,” Seitz reports. “It would be the company’s second straight quarter of declining revenue and its first earnings drop in 10 quarters.”

“Analysts expect Apple to boost its quarterly dividend and share buyback authorization on Tuesday,” Seitz reports. “That could take the sting out of a downbeat March-quarter earnings report.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As the iPhone replacement cycle lengthens (and ahead of the super cycle that the 5G iPhone will usher in), earnings will bobble about as major Apple services (Apple Arcade, Apple Card, Apple TV+) have yet to launch.

This too shall pass.

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  1. iPhone replacement cycle is definitely lengthening (including me happily still with my iPhone X) and also the desire for 5G but only when the infrastructure supports it, otherwise what’s the point?

  2. The lauded “super cycle” could occur just not the way people expect it. Sometimes users upgrade their iPhones with other iPhones that have already been sold. Had a personal 6S and I upgraded to an IPhone 8 my sister never used. And guess what happened? My 6S went to my father so he no longer needed to go out and buy a new one either. And the sales of those units were reported long ago by Apple.

  3. All those “hand me down” iPhones increase iPhone’s installed base, which is approaching 1 Billion active units. It is this base that will drive Services revenue, especially Apple Card revenue.

    Anybody that thinks Apple Card won’t be a revenue mover is delusional. Apple Pay is the #1 mobile pay platform worldwide and its currently tied to VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, etc. What happens when Apple Pay users tie the Apple Card to their Apple Pay account. Instead of collecting 15¢ (0.0015%) on $100 in transactions, Apple will be collecting $1 – $2 (1% -2%) on $100 in mobile transactions, PLUS 1% to 2% of non-mobile transactions.

    The features/benefits of an Apple Card has three family members (not including me) set to apply when it is launched.

  4. There wasn’t this much negativity for Alphabet into earnings call which worked out well in their shareholders favor. At least Alphabet stock ran up somewhat before the fall, so the loss wasn’t as great. With Apple, the stock is just going to start falling before and after earnings. It’s so annoying how shareholders have no confidence in Apple and Tim Cook. Oh, well… at least there is always a larger dividend to look forward to next quarter.

    With Apple there is always this emotional roller-coaster ride each and every quarter. Will Apple meet expectations or not? Won’t Apple stock ever stop being so volatile? Apple seems to throw away hardware opportunities. No server hardware in a world chock full of cloud servers. No more Time Capsules. A Mac Pro that is taking forever to design and will probably end up as nothing really special. The cheese-grater Mac Pro was nearly the perfect pro computer and they dumped it for some trash-can computer. Let this day end quickly.

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