Apple takes another step toward iPhone as ID

“Yet another U.S. university has begun supporting use of iPhones and the Apple Watch as student ID and students at Marshall University are the latest to benefit as Apple inexorably becomes your ID,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“The Huntington, West Virginia university has introduced school-issued identification cardson iPhone and Apple Watch,” Evans writes. “The university is one of now ten in the U.S. to offer support for Apple’s student ID system. Students, faculty and staff signed up the system can use their watch to handle lots of tasks they once required conventional ID to handle.”

“To use this system students must load their Marshall Mobile ID cards to their Apple Wallet, after which it can be used on any Apple device that supports the system. Once they have, they just need to swipe their device on the card reader to get what they need,” Evans writes. “I urge you not to underestimate the importance of this.”

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  1. 1 million questions,1 million questions, like what if you lose your phone can you just reload on another? And how many iphones/ipads can it actually be loaded on? Do they all have to be connected to the same iCloud account Do they all have to be logged into the same iCloud account?

    And on

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