Laptop Mag’s Tech Support Showdown: Apple No.1

“Long live the king of laptop tech support! Apple’s got a history of agents answering issues accurately with a polite, friendly manner,” Henry T. Casey writes for Laptop. “While we’d love it if Apple would answer questions on Facebook (there’s a lot of business communication tech in Messenger), the combination of Twitter, live online chats, its support app and phone calls provides a solid base for the company’s support. Oh, and there’s also the Genius Bar, which is widely available, thanks to its placement in every Apple Store.”

MacDailyNews Take: Facebook is garbage company led by garbage management which is likely why Apple stays as far away from that cesspool as possible. Not answering questions on Facebook is a positive, not a negative.

“Apple continued to top most of the competition in this year’s Tech Support Showdown,” Casey writes. “This year, the calls I made to Apple took 37 percent less time to finish than last year — 4 minutes less, on average — and the company kept its telephone record at 100 percent, providing correct and complete solutions for every problem. Further, Apple’s over-the-phone agents continued to display one of their best traits, imparting valuable technical support while maintaining a friendly, personable tone.”

Laptop Mag's Tech Support Showdown: Apple No.1

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason why smart people buy and use Apple products: Value for the money.

If you haven’t used Apple support on Twitter yet, when you need an answer, give it a try here.

So far, Apple Support on Twitter has responded to nearly 100 tweets per hour – March 4, 2016
Apple launches official company Twitter account – March 3, 2016


  1. Yes. But I’m on my third MacBook Air keyboard and I’m about to take back the computer to be changed for another one, after the ‘e’ key started making two e’s appear. After two weeks.

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