“Ousmane Bah has pretty solid alibi during the time frame that police say a thief used his name and ID and stole from an Apple store in Boston,” Melissa Locker reports for Fast Company. “He was at his senior prom.”

“Bah, 18, has filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the tech company’s facial recognition system led to his false arrest for theft,” Locker reports. “An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit directly, but said the company does not use face recognition technology in its stores.”

Locker reports, “On Monday, Bah filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple for its ‘Orwellian surveillance’ system that he says falsely linked him to the crime spree, which apparently caused $1 billion worth of ‘severe stress and hardship.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Somebody’s confused here – and it likely isn’t Apple.

Teen sues Apple for $1 billion, claims facial-recognition software falsely linked him to Apple Store thefts – April 23, 2019