Why Mac users should install a dedicated download manager

“While streaming services have cut down on the amount of downloading most of us have to do nowadays, and built-in browser downloaders can do the job for the casual web surfer, if you’re transferring a serious amount of files on a regular basis then a dedicated download manager is worth a look,” David Nield writes for Gizmodo.

“The more downloading you have to do, the better the benefits become—these dedicated tools can boost transfer speeds by splitting files up into chunks or requesting multiple transfers, depending on the source,” Nield writes. “Even better, you can pause and resume downloads using these manager tools, schedule downloads for a certain time, or resume downloads that have been interrupted by a system restart or a power outage—very useful if you have a job (like video editing or product design) where big files need to be shifted around all the time.”

“The most comprehensive options (with better browser integration and so on) are available on Windows and macOS, though a few decent Android options are available,” Nield writes. “There are no dedicated iOS download managers we’d recommend though—those advertised on the App Store tend to be outdated, basic browsers with limited download managers tacked on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you use a download manager like iDownloader or another name, please let us know below how it works for you!


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