Donors, including Apple, pledge over 700 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral

“Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral went up in flames on Monday evening, a blaze that devastated the landmark, destroying its wooden-beamed roof and collapsing the iconic spire in a searing loss for Paris and France,” Reuters reports.

“President Emmanuel Macron pledged to rebuild the Gothic masterpiece, and within the first 24 hours after the fire began, tycoons, companies and local authorities stepped forward with large donations,” Reuters reports. “French billionaire businessman Bernard Arnault’s family and his LVMH luxury goods group said they would donate 200 million euros to help repair the cathedral.”

“French luxury and cosmetics group L’Oreal, along with the Bettencourt Meyer family and the Bettencourt Schueller foundation, will donate 200 million euros in total,” Reuters reports. “CEO Tim Cook said on Twitter Apple would donate an unspecified sum to rebuilding efforts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Godspeed to the rebuilding effort!


  1. Does Apple know that this cathedral is a house of worship for the God who instituted marriage as a holy bond exclusively between a man and a woman with the purpose of having children? I hope Apple understands that and appreciates that as it contributes to the rebuilding of the cathedral. It was built by Christians over two centuries to honor God. Something that is not in fashion today.

      1. I said nothing of the sort. I said God defined marriage as a covenant between a man and woman (no other arrangement) and through marriage is how children are to be produced. You can look it up. And it has served the world very well. Where other arrangements are tried society suffers. In any event, Christianity, the source behind the Cathedral at Notre Dame, establishes marriage in a way that Apple has indicated is offensive to its sensibilities and it has fought to change. It has also belittled those who hold the beliefs behind Notre Dame.

        1. Do you have an official statement from Apple or a reference I (and others) could check up on to support your statement: “Apple has indicated is offensive to its sensibilities and it has fought to change. It has also belittled those who hold the beliefs behind Notre Dame.” Thanks.

      2. Some of my fondest memories are of attending all the Holy Week services a few years back at a cathedral much like Notre Dame (but a century older). My wife was born in a house that was once part of a thirteenth-century stable at that same cathedral.

        Looking back on all of that week, I can remember a building and community that was dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and a perceptible aura of sanctity that I have only found possible in a location where Christian worship has been conducted for over 1300 years. It was an amazing worshiping community… and it visibly contained a number of gay and lesbian couples.

        That might bother you, but it didn’t bother me, and I doubt it bothered God. Nothing about that experience belittled anyone’s belief, but your comment obviously does.

          1. Please, we are not all sinners — that’s an unfounded, highly biased presumption — but you admit to being one. Get the Confessional App to at least temporarily stop being a sinner. Don’t worry; You can resume sinning later.

          2. I appreciate the beautiful architecture of ancient cathedrals and other places of worship. I appreciate those who live by the wise and gentle tenants of most faiths. But I refuse to be ruled by the arbitrary rules and beliefs mandated by the various faiths. And I refuse to believe in the incredibly humanocentric representations of a higher being or post-death existence that are central to most faiths.

            Please don’t bother telling me that I am a sinner or that I am subject to original sin or that I cannot be a good person and go to a good place unless I believe exactly what I am supposed to believe. I decide what I want to believe when it comes to spirituality, and I am willing to accept the consequences.

            I also wholeheartedly believe that the separation of Church and State must be maintained. Does that mean that I am against prayer in school? No. I am fine with it as long as it is done in a manner that is respectful to those who do not wish to participate. Does this mean that I want remove the words “under God” from the Pledge of Alliegiance? No, it doesn’t bother me. But please be aware that our country thrived for quite a while without those words in the Pledge. Basically, I believe in live and let live. You are free to worship (or not) as you please. You are free to believe (or not) Creation stories unique to your faith. Just please respect the desire of those who wish to be left out of it. And please stop whining about a “war on religion” in the United States. If you are a student of history, you are aware that organized religion is much more likely to be the source or war than the victim of secular society. Indeed, I find it ironic that faiths that preach acceptance and tolerance seem to be unwilling to extend that attitude to other faiths. Find common ground and relax about the rest, which probably doesn’t matter anyway.

    1. @kent…… you are kidding us with this drivel right? I cannot believe someone is this dense. THis is a horrible tragedy to many of us internationally so keep your moronic, homophobic comments to yourself. Besides, your next president may very will be gay…..

      1. Your comment is an excellent display of ignorance. Who do you think built the cathedral and what beliefs do you think they held. Obviously you are a mental defective so no need to answer.

      2. Yeah…I came here honestly hoping comments would address the international effort that will take at least 20 years to accomplish a renovation. How, if it is to be accomplished as was originally built, the necessary 12metre oak timbers for roof struts will be found? Where the vast numbers of craftsmen with old skills will be found?
        On that last question, here in the UK, there are barely a dozen oaks left of the necessary size to provide timbers for such work. I see 1300 oak trees being mentioned, but even then you would need at least 5 times that quantity to obtain good structural grade A timbers. For them all to be sourced in France is nigh impossible without desecrating all existing prime forestry environments along with their precious habitats. Will France be willing to accept oak from the Baltic regions where such big trees still survive?
        Many such questions remain.
        But what do we get from @kent and his spawn? Uninformed political posturing, religious cant and bigotry along with a bizarre interpretation of what it is to be a Christian in a modern world. It’s certainly not anything that European denominations would recognise as ‘civilised’; rather it would be seen as an abomination, a throwback to darker times of mindless zealotry.
        Oh well, the MDN swamp survives so hurrah!

    2. Here we thought that the place was erected (pun intended) to house gay pedophile priests and listen to organ recitals. Well thanks for telling us what is important to you, kent.

      Next in news: Apple proposes to install an Apple Store in the restored crypts. kent rejoices with the choir boys.

      Don’t forget to ask forgiveness for the Cathars and Protestants and nonChristians your church murdered. This massacre literally happened while Nitre Dame was being completed:éziers

      1. Christianity is offensive to you and to Apple. It’s that simple. It is your right to be an atheist. But you can’t associate yourself with the cathedral when you trash the beliefs behind it.

          1. There was no high horse. The message is simple.

            God created marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman.

            The church is of God.

            Apple supports the efforts to undermine God’s word RE: Marriage.

            Apple is contradicting itself.

            Do you or do you not understand this? Y/N?

            1. I am with you, CitizenX. As MAGA Man demonstrates, religious arguments are inevitably based on logical fallacies.

              Apple is supporting the reconstruction of an ancient, beautiful, and much loved building. Yes, it was constructed to serve as a Christian house of worship. But the Christian faith, itself, has changed substantially since 1200 A.D. even as human nature has failed to substantially evolve. Hundreds of years later, there are still far too many people telling me what I must believe when it comes to spirituality. Maybe I prefer many Gods, nature Gods, or even the Force… The point is, I decide.

            2. As a Catholic Christian, my view of it is that Apple is doing what it believes to be good. It supports people in what it thinks are relationships that are good for them (even though you and I may disagree), and it is contributing to the repair of Notre-Dame de París, which is not only a Catholic cathedral but a cultural jewel for France and the world.

              The human condition includes hypocrisy; no one is immune from it. If Apple is being inconsistent here, then let them be so; none of us is completely consistent in everything.

              Whatever my flaws – and they are many – I rejoice that I can do some good in the world, and I celebrate the good that others do. I don’t need to look at their sins; I have enough sins of my own to worry about.

              Thank you, Apple, for your contribution.

    3. No one is forcing any Church to perform same sex marriages. So what’s your objection again?

      If it were up to me, all marriages in the eyes of the state would be civil unions. Let religion follow their own beliefs.

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  2. As much as it is an important cultural and heritage monument shared by the world, the ultimate SJW grandstanding by Tim Cook. He pops his head out every time something like this happens. A good cause but let’s see how much he can get from the BOD.

    1. Now you’re all in favor of Cook spending Apples resources on pet causes? F&ng hypocrite. All Apple should do is make it easier for individuals to donate to the causes they support.

      1. Fully agreed.
        I was actually implying what you are saying. SJW grandstanding at the cost of Apple. Always. As he squeezes so much out of Apple, must wonder how much he might or might not be spending for charities out of his own pocket.

      2. I have never been in favour of TC’s spending on his pet causes. I always questioned about it on this site.
        This time, it’s a bit different because of the expectation that many many enterprises in the world might contribute a considerable amount to the restoration perhaps totally much more than $1B.
        I was just sarcastic by mentioning the possible restriction imposed by the BOD. TC has been “mentioning” the Apple donations on many causes in the past. I wonder if any of them actually materialized and if it was, Apple needs accountability. It’s ultimately our money.

          1. Supporting banned potty mouth for several years, now as a “brother,” is stunning.

            Then again, not really when you realize you have less than a handful of extreme left zealot supporters, and ZERO conservative THINKING supporters, why not, take what you can get…

          2. Ok, I get it. We should want to live in a world without corporate responsibility, and a black man should be happy with servitude. No wonder you support the poster child for both those concepts, and I don’t.

            The last time I checked, taking responsibility for one’s actions was a core conservative idea and the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was not an extreme left zealot document.

        1. “I have never been in favour of TC’s spending on his pet causes. I always questioned about it on this site.”

          Yes, you have been consistent numerous times over the years and yours truly as well.

          I am a practicing Catholic and was an altar boy for eight years in Catholic School. This is absolutely a remarkable cause to support in countless ways.

          However, as I have posted numerous times Steve did not drag Apple and its employees without their consent into SJW causes.

          I would prefer Apple not get involved in any and ALL political support whether I agree with the cause, or not…

          1. Please explain exactly how supporting fundraising efforts to preserve one of the world’s most important buildings after a catastrophe is “political” in any way, shape, or form. While you are at it, explain how supporting such a cause makes one a Social Justice Warrior.

            It is simply untrue that Jobs did not drag Apple into social causes.

            Read this:

            For Apple more generally, enter this into a search engine:
            “Williamson County gay Apple”

            When introducing the iPad 2, Jobs summarized his strategy this way: “It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

    1. Actually, the land and the edifice of any church in Paris built before 1905 is owned by the French state. The Catholic Archdiocese of Paris is merely a designated beneficiary that is allowed to use it subject to the sole duty to maintain it at the beneficiary’s expense. The Archbishop of Paris, like any other Roman Catholic bishop with jurisdiction, is treated for legal purposes as a corporation sole with the right to control or convey the interest of the diocese in the property. The Holy See only directly controls church property rights in the Diocese of Rome. That’s why all the lawsuits over sexual abuse are filed against individual dioceses and not the Catholic Church as a whole.

    2. Give ‘em some time. It takes a church decades if not centuries to do anything.

      Meanwhile the state that actually owns Notre Dame has announced that fundraising has already started with the goal to restore the structure in 5 years. Faster than Cook can deliver a usable Mac Pro.

      Special message to kent and his lackeys: Isn’t it nice to see a government that is willing to marshall resources beyond what any individual or corporate could ever do? The outpouring of goodwill by masses all around the world, including non-Christians, is more meaningful and vastly more powerful than the big corporate donors that are well practiced in tax write offs. Note that the work of saving and restoring has almost all been done by people like firefighters, police, and government officials of all kinds — soon state funded experts and architects and builers. All “socialist” workers you regularly disparage on MDN. Saving and restoring this iconic symbol is much bigger and more meaningful in different ways to different people of all faiths, it is not just a place you worship. It is going to be a global community effort far bigger than your church. To MDN and kent and the blowhards who came here to take time off from your Trump worship to preach about reproduction: screw you. Open minded, “Socialist” France has saved and will restore Notre Dame for all people, for Western tradition and all civilization, not as an opportunity for you to spout your narrow minded evangelical bullshit. No statues will be erected to instruct abstinence. Nobody there gives a petit mort about your evangelical extremism. In France they don’t turn down gay people from visiting cathedrals. They also don’t hand all power to corporate interests or religious nuts to run everything. Ironic however, you cheer Cook’s SJW spending when it is funneled to your special interests. Bless your heart.

  3. With the amount of donations pouring in they can build 10 Notre Damns …

    Sad part is, no matter, it wont be the historical original with the smell and wear of centuries of time and exposure to life.
    Hope they can recapture as much of the of the soul as possible though !

    1. Yojimbo, it all depends on your perspective. I was touring an English cathedral once and the guide apologized to us, “I’m afraid these choir stalls aren’t the originals. We had a roof collapse awhile back and they had to put in these hurry-up substitutes so that services could continue.”

      I looked it up later. The roof collapsed in 1322.

      The spire that fell at Notre Dame yesterday was installed in the 1860s and was much taller and more elaborate than the original that was removed just before the French Revolution.

      1. Hah…we regard under statement as an art in the UK and a way of undercutting uninformed directionless blather.
        Hope you enjoyed your cathedral tour. I run another company apart from my engineering work, where we have specialised in church repairs, renovation and extensions that must embody original technology, materials, working practices and methodology, at the end of which the work should be ‘almost’ indistinguishable from the original to all but experts. The work comes with the strictest interpretation of English Heritage regulations possible along with the most demanding Health and Safety procedures since many contracts mean recreating practices long since banned in the building industry that use potentially hazardous materials. I still pride myself that I can surprise our trainees with ‘hands on from an old timer’ what is achievable given dedication, patience and a willingness to learn. We are blessed here in Norfolk with the highest number of medieval churches(and ruins which also must be maintained), of anywhere in Europe with outstanding examples of original work dating back to Saxon England.

        1. I note today President Trump’s offer of “…our experts” to help out Notre Dame….
          What? It wasn’t that long ago that I sent four guys to reroof(structure and covering of code 8 cast lead with hand-welted standing seams on a parabolic shaped dome) on a Philadelphia courthouse.
          Because…there simply were no skills available from anywhere in the US nor the inclination to recreate the necessary expertise. We intended to set up a cast lead bed but abandoned that because there wasn’t enough clean lead to be found so we air freighted 20 tonnes from the UK at the clients expense, sourced from reclaimed stock. We then had to send two wood workers to supervise the roof structure repairs – again, there were no sufficiently skilled individuals who could match the exacting requirements for the repairs with no metal fixings of any sort.
          So… tell me again Mr “my gut knows more than any expert” President Trump – who and where are these experts you think can help rebuild Notre Dame with the knowledge gleaned from centuries of cathedral construction, before even the first American settlers?
          What a hubristic idiot.

        2. Gotcha, I spent an entire day once on a church-crawl through Norwich, and have visited more than my fair share of rural churches in East Anglia as well. My hat is off to all of your craft for the amazing restoration and preservation work.

          I have been up in the “forest” of a couple of cathedral roof spaces, so I wasn’t surprised at how big a fire that much 150-800 year old wood could support. The survival of York Minster after it got hit by lightning was nothing short of miraculous.

          How do you suggest that the Notre Dame project find original-quality materials? It isn’t that easy to find a straight 400-year old oak anywhere in the world, much less over a thousand of them. Alternative structural materials would be invisible, of course, but there is the principle of the thing.

          1. Tx. Ah yes, Norwich has a medieval church for every week of the year with over 500 in the county.
            Given the World Heritage status and the national symbolism to France, the expectation will be that it is rebuilt as before. Finance will not be a problem however nationalism may make that difficult if everything is to be purely sourced in France since there is a serious shortage of matching timber resources ie very long timbers, in accessible areas that could be removed without damaging prime forest habitats irrevocably. The original quarries have long since been worked out and they will have to change their current slaked lime and hydraulic lime to match the original. English Heritage has deterred their use in the UK since cement seems to be added to aid strength at the production stage and cement – with its inherent greater expansion coefficient, is the enemy of masonry work. Skilled labour black hole too. Traditional building skills can’t be learned over night – I’m still learning after dozens of contracts, each with a particular range of remedies required, all of them unique. We run exchange schemes with Sienna University’s Heritage department for trainees and can certainly vouch for the EU wide dearth of learning opportunities.
            These things can be turned around but the oak shortage is a major problem.
            There are vast stocks of oaks in the Baltic states, but they come with their own problems – environmental protection and illegal felling which will also need to be addressed. All the timber must also be ‘green’ ie freshly felled with a high moisture content to allow the structure to ‘draw up’ as a whole. This means gradual drying and locking together of the roof structure as an organic whole such that the strength increases over time. It’s a bit like prestressed concrete only it takes decades.
            Stone will have to be sourced from multiple sources, the general rule being that you use limestone from a more southerly location since it will be stronger and more able to withstand environmental pollution and harsher northern weather. Norwich cathedral for instance was built with stone from Caen. Air pollution is an added complication which softens stone quite quickly- decades rather than centuries.
            The biggest problem I suspect, will be the stone structure itself. Many cathedrals and churches were constructed with money, time and resource constraints which meant that behind fine carved facework, walls were filled with rubble to increase the thickness and mass, which both add stability and bearing strength. Unfortunately, as they found out at York Minster after the fire, the cladding skins of masonry started to spread which required either rebuilding or pinning together. That alone took nearly 2 years. There are other solutions but they all require extreme care so as not to inflict further damage.
            But even more pressing is that the last time I visited Notre Dame, I noticed a plethora of metal studs(used for ‘tell tale monitoring) across cracks and moving masonry on the embankments of the Ile de la Cité whereupon Notre Dame sits. This tells me there is a sudsidence problem for the cathedral with both vertical and lateral spreading movement. This surely will be the first area of attention – underpinning and piling, before final stabilising of the structure can be attempted. York Minster took nearly 5 years to stabilise the central tower which was punching through the first building’s foundations and Roman remains.
            This will have to be an international effort on a scale not seen since the original cathedral builders.
            Not withstanding all the above, it is not impossible. I said 20 years to complete. I may be a little pessimistic but the sheer size of the reconstruction work and the labour shortages mean no easy solution.
            Per your question, it all depends on the public need. Do it historical justice with traditional skills and materials over 20+ years or speed up the process with modern methods clothed in a fake veneer of originality.
            I would obviously prefer the former tho’ the latter carries more weight in a short-termism world of quick fixes.

    2. The “original” cathedral remained original for a short time, then it got rebuilt, modified, and repaired. Think of them as a process rather than as a frozen entity.

    directly to the Cathedral of Notre Dame itself.

    I wrote a personal check payable to:
    “Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris”

    Mailing address:
    6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II
    75004 Paris, FRANCE
    I avoid any 3rd party donation avenue, especially online, because of past misallocations, in order to not have the total reduced by the processor, as well as to make sure that it gets to the intended entity.

    For the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris because it’s much more than a religious structure that began as a Roman Catholic project; It’s an awesome testament to humanity’s architectural creativity, but specifically a celebration of an aspect of the Gothic mind. The amt. of my donation is in keeping with my income.
    My donation is spurred on by a built-in appreciation for the church based on my teaching university classes on Western art & architecture.

    I would not be as quick to donate, for example, to a devastated Hagia Sophia, the former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey because Turkey is now theocratically ruled by the Islamo-Fascist dictator Recep Erdogan who gave weapons, safety, and comfort to ISIS militias who attacked Rojava, specifically Kobane. 80% of Kobe’s defenders were women, girls really who’s average age is 21, who make up the Women’s Protection Unit, AKA the YPJ. Rojava is a highly horizontally democratic and secular nation-state within Syria in the NE. I so highly admire that governance.

    Now Recep is threatening to have his troops pierce more deeply into Rojava.
    But I could be convinced to donate to a devastated Hagia Sophia by friends because the monument’s artistic achievement, in my opinion, is as high as the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

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