Apple lawyers compare Qualcomm chips to fried chicken as trial begins

“A trial opened Tuesday in a complex contract and anti-trust dispute between Apple Inc and Qualcomm Inc with the iPhone maker using a fried chicken analogy to explain its claim that the chip company is abusing its market power,” Stephen Nellis reports for Reuters.

“Apple has objected to a practice that it calls ‘no license, no chips’ under which Qualcomm will not sell chips to a company that has not signed a patent license agreement,” Nellis reports.

“Apple attorney Ruffin Cordell likened Qualcomm’s policy to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that refuses to sell a bucket of chicken to customers,” Nellis reports. “‘You first have to go over to this different counter, KFL – Kentucky Fried Licensing,’ Cordell said. ‘You have to go pay that ‘eating license’ fee before they’ll sell you any chicken.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: That Kentucky Fried Licensing analogy is finger lickin’ good!

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