“Apple, Facebook, and Google are facing calls to help pay for wind parks needed to power their planned data centers in Denmark,” Christian Wienberg reports for Bloomberg.

“The companies have chosen the Nordic country, partly because of its abundant supply of green electricity,” Wienberg reports. “But a new report suggests that the data centers will consume so much power that local authorities may have to resort to more fossil fuels to cover demand.”

“The three U.S. tech giants have all said they want their centers to run on green energy and have published plans for wind parks. But the council said those plans still lack detail and a firm commitment. It’s also not clear if the new parks would draw on state subsidies,” Wienberg reports. “Apple is building a $1 billion data center in Denmark’s western city of Viborg, which once completed will be one of the world’s biggest. Facebook has plans for a center near the central city of Odense, while Google has bought land for a site in nearby Fredericia.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wind parks for Denmark certainly sounds like something Apple would support.

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