“Where most people observe severe weather events exacerbated by climate change — like hurricanes and wildfires—and see doom and gloom, Apple sees an opportunity to sell more iPhones and increase its ‘brand value,'” Jordan Pearson writes for Motherboard. “That’s according to filings Apple made to CDP, a UK-based organization that gives companies a letter grade based on their environmental impact, as well as the risks and opportunities that climate change presents for their operations.”

“‘As severe weather events become more frequent, consumers may come to value more highly the immediate and ubiquitous availability of reliable mobile computing devices for use in situations where transportation, power, and other services may be temporarily interrupted,’ Apple’s filings to CDP states,” Pearson writes. “‘If customers value our work to help increase their sense of connectedness, personal safety, and peace of mind, during extreme weather events, we may expect some increase in customer loyalty or brand value,’ the filing states.”

“Apple also claims that ‘climate change policies’ may make electricity more expensive, and so energy-efficient devices may be preferred by consumers in the future. Again, Apple expects to benefit from this situation,” Pearson writes. “‘If Apple is successful in creating products attractive to people whose purchasing habits are changing due to concerns about climate change or rising electricity prices, it may result in a small competitive differentiator for our hardware products,’ Apple’s filing to CDP states.”

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MacDailyNews Take: CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a U.K.-based nonprofit that asks companies to report their environmental impact, including the risks and opportunities they believe climate change presents for their businesses. Apple and more than 7,000 companies worldwide filed reports for 2018, including more than 1,800 from the U.S., simply did as they were asked.

For more on Apple’s environmental initiatives, visit apple.com/environment.

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