Apple thinks climate change will increase its brand value

“Where most people observe severe weather events exacerbated by climate change — like hurricanes and wildfires—and see doom and gloom, Apple sees an opportunity to sell more iPhones and increase its ‘brand value,'” Jordan Pearson writes for Motherboard. “That’s according to filings Apple made to CDP, a UK-based organization that gives companies a letter grade based on their environmental impact, as well as the risks and opportunities that climate change presents for their operations.”

“‘As severe weather events become more frequent, consumers may come to value more highly the immediate and ubiquitous availability of reliable mobile computing devices for use in situations where transportation, power, and other services may be temporarily interrupted,’ Apple’s filings to CDP states,” Pearson writes. “‘If customers value our work to help increase their sense of connectedness, personal safety, and peace of mind, during extreme weather events, we may expect some increase in customer loyalty or brand value,’ the filing states.”

“Apple also claims that ‘climate change policies’ may make electricity more expensive, and so energy-efficient devices may be preferred by consumers in the future. Again, Apple expects to benefit from this situation,” Pearson writes. “‘If Apple is successful in creating products attractive to people whose purchasing habits are changing due to concerns about climate change or rising electricity prices, it may result in a small competitive differentiator for our hardware products,’ Apple’s filing to CDP states.”

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MacDailyNews Take: CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a U.K.-based nonprofit that asks companies to report their environmental impact, including the risks and opportunities they believe climate change presents for their businesses. Apple and more than 7,000 companies worldwide filed reports for 2018, including more than 1,800 from the U.S., simply did as they were asked.

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    1. You can hear Al Gore’s voice from his Apple BoD chair.

      Fun fact: Al Gore’s father, Al Sr., a Tenessee House Rep. and later Senator, hated Jr. He was convinced his son would never amount to anything.

      Decades later, after bragging about inventing the Internet, raking in millions from the global warming scam, a failed Presidential bid, and a seat on the Apple board as one of Cook’s paid flunkies… Al Sr. may have been on to something. 😶

            1. Smarter than the 1% of a-holes who have no morals. The 1% will be first to swing from the trees come the revolution. Xxy – are u part of the 1% too?

            2. Hey revolution x.
              I was saying the same thing… 50 years ago. Well, 45.

              Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the lives of the people.

              Thanks for being late to the meme.

  1. Odd, I would have thought being compatible with standard plug types, and user replaceable and/or high capacity batteries would be part of having a good survival/emergency device.

    1. If you read between the lines, which products does apple make that have the biggest electrical draw? Well, they are saying they expect to sell fewer of those non-mobile devices.

      Now I’m REALLY curious about this “modular” MacPro…

  2. How convenient. Now weather is classified as climate change. These ‘polices’ damn well do make energy more expensive (speaking from experience) while doing nothing but extract our money into the black hole of government bureaucracy. Good grief…worry about making insanely great products, and cut the SJW bit. I miss Steve…..

    1. Sherm, perhaps it would be good to review those terms. I think we should all agree on that as a starting point.

      Weather is the environmental conditions happening at a given place and time. Needless to say, variances can be extreme or mild.

      Climate is the long term probabilities of weather variation.

      What is undeniable is that the probabilities and actual occurrences of extreme weather – hot and cold, arid and wet, hurricane and flood, etc — are all statistically becoming a threat to economies and human safety.

      What is not in dispute is a warming of the globe. Compared to the midcentury mean temperatures, some parts of the globe now average more than 4 degrees K warmer as of 2018.

      The UK Met Office predicts that 2018 will be the 4th warmest year ever in recorded history — following 2015, 2016, and 2017 which are the top 3. Does anyone here think that normal variation would lead to 4 record temperature years in a row? What is the statistical probability of that?

      What is clear is that there is a pervasive attitude today to avoid blame. After all, changing one’s behavior is far too hard. Better to keep destroying the one habitable planet that humans have. If you don’t believe that humans can change anything, then I don’t know what to say. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as the US National Climate Assessment and the US National Academies of Science all disagree with that.

      Count yourself lucky if you live in a region that hasn’t seen any extreme weather events with increasing frequency. Unfortunately, the rest of the planet is seeing the direct effects, which include:

      extreme cold
      extreme heat
      extreme precipitation
      tropical cyclones
      non-tropical hurricanes
      severe thunderstorms

      If you think these things don’t cost anything, then again, you haven’t been paying attention. How many times has your tax dollars been rushed to FEMA in the last few years to bail out people whose lives were destroyed in natural disasters? The US expended an estimated $91 billion on 14 weather events in 2018. Somehow the current administration of the US doesn’t register that as a problem, but a few refugees legally requesting asylum on the southern border in its deranged mind is a threat that will take down the US.

      You think that forest fires in California and massive floods in the south are inside the normal variations observed in the past? Nope. Here’s a plot from NOAA showing how precipitation has dramatically changed in 2018 versus the previous century averages.

      And these are just the obvious weather stats, stuff that is easily measurable and predictable. The complexities of changing climate also has the nasty effect of melting polar ice caps, which of course will lead to some raising of the sea level and potential mass migration or extinction of polar animals.

      But we know that nobody cares about polar bears. You care about fighting as hard as possible to prevent the need to change your personal behavior, to consume less energy and to adopt sustainable practices. I contend that the one good thing Cook has done is to insulate Apple from climate change is to push for sustainable energy sources and independence from non-democratic energy suppliers. In my mind, it’s not very patriotic to prop up Saudi Arabia or to burn through one’s domestic fossil fuels when you have the technology to make energy from sunshine, wind, and hydro that is both economically viable AND sustainable. If you want blue collar jobs, there they are. Why would you resist replacing tar shingles on rooftops with solar installations? Why would you try so hard to keep uneconomical coal plants online when wind power in some areas is cheaper?

      1. So we’ve never had severe weather before. That’s news to me. Due to an accumulation of different chaotic influences global temperature can change very quickly and cause dramatic climate changes but the causes are difficult to predict. What about the vast changes throughout history? Science isn’t settled, as there are so many holes in all these doomsday predictions. And polar bear population has been steadily increasing, despite Al Gore.

  3. Tim Cook and Apple saying such stuff is ridiculous. Apple’s iPhone business is already ruined with little chance of recovering. Most of the world’s consumers will be buying cheap Android smartphones and Apple will be getting nothing out of this. Google’s Android OS and the growing number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers have nearly killed the iPhone. The smartphone market is now all about offering low-cost, decent-performing smartphones that all consumers can easily afford. Apple is no longer a competitive player in the world’s largest or growing smartphone markets.

    Most global consumers have no interest in proactively buying products that help prevent global warming. Apple products are priced well above what most people are willing to pay and that’s all there is to it. Consumers mostly look at the price tag and the lowest-priced product is usually the one the consumer buys. There’s nothing Apple offers that will make consumers change their buying habits.

    Apple is always talking about improving green standards but they’re the only one that cares about that stuff. No big investor will ever buy Apple stock because the company is saying it’s greener than everyone else. Apple is just wasting its time with these abstract strategies if they think they can use it as a selling point. Gamers will continue buying Windows PCs with massive power supplies to drive power-hungry, overclocked CPUs and GPUs. Apple loses again.

    What’s amusing is how iPhones still don’t even have built-in FM tuners which would come in quite handy if cell towers fail. I’m a long-term Apple shareholder, but I refuse to fall for Apple’s BS of being some crusading company for the world’s citizens.

    1. AMAZING, finally someone that mentions the FM tuner, the iPhone has had the ability to have FM this entire time i’ve always heard, supposedly its built into the chips to pick up FM and if it isnt anymore friggin do it, I’d LOVE if i could simply get FM and in this FAKE GLOBAL WARMING scenario, it would be the ONLY plus I see,

      Yes you are right about the iPhone offering nothing that other phones do pretty much as well, That’s why MDN is wrong about sales, we need ALL sales and I’m glad you mentioned GAMERS, ( a lost market Apple gave away ) because that is a huge market with content that would drive the need for POWERFUL MACS, for Pros, We’ve all seen Apple end up with less than 10% of markets THEY INVENTED, WTF? who’s ass needs kicking? Apple doesnt even make decent peripherals like printers, wifi hubs, backup drives, i can go on, but they’re worrying about FAKE GLOBAL WARMING? what a JOKE.

      1. “i’ve always heard”
        It isn’t. And I doubt Intel are going to start working on it. There are a few loud aluminum hat wearers that want FM. the rest of us just have a separate radio device, maybe even with a flashlight and a crank to power it.

        Does anyone under 50 even know what FM is?

  4. The stench of hypocrisy is overpowering.

    The company whose primary mission is to make electronics LESS reparable or upgradeable is suddenly worried about spewing carbon in the atmosphere as it cranks out gadgets.

    Need more memory or storage, just through away your laptop and buy a new one.


    F U Apple

    1. On this we can definitely agree. Product design at Apple has hit some pathetic new lows of late. Between the shoddy keyboards to the nonrepairability of all its portables, Apple shows that it cares more about gouging the customer than keeping the landfills empty of plastic and alyoooominyum Apple products.

  5. Ever wonder why is ALL “Climate Change” Bad? And ONLY Globalization and a CLIMATE TAX will make it better? Only leftists are arrogant enough to think that RIGHT NOW is the perfect snapshot of evolution,
    At what point do you not just punch these people in the nose. Administer a little behavioral change.

  6. I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again that if you want to have any idea as to whether the climate is radically changing then you need to look at the canaries in the coal mine, namely Australia and Iceland. These are the two countries most affected by this change.

    Being an Australian I have access to a lot of the statistics about our weather.

    For example in 2017 Australia experienced the following:

    We experienced the the highest winter average maximum temperature on record
    Western Australia’s highest average maximum July temperature on record and this extended to the whole of winter
    The Northern territory highest average July temperature on record and likewise was extended for the whole of winter
    South Australia had the third warmest July on record
    Victoria had the driest June on record
    Hobart had only 12 percent of its June monthly rainfall and that was a record low
    Canberra experienced their driest June on record
    Sydney had their hottest July day on record and their hottest summer on record
    Queensland recorded their highest average maximum July temperatures since records were established but the 2017 winter ended up with the highest maximum temperatures on record. Brisbane the capital had the hottest summer on record.

    Overall June 2017 was the second driest on record.

    The hottest period on record has been officially confirmed, with the world experiencing its hottest five-years from 2013 through 2017, according to new climate data released today.

    This summer has been another year of record events with temperatures in New South Wales (NSW) seeing record temperatures of up to 48 degrees celsius and Cobar in north-western NSW experiencing an overnight temperature of 34.9, another record.

    I live on the NSW central coast and two weeks ago we had a massive thunderstorm come through that dropped shards of ice not just hail which incidentally ranged in size from golf balls to oranges.

    I could keep going on about this and I always say that you just have to open your eyes and see that the weather is radically changing if you just take the time to look.

    I’ve been keeping weather records since the 1970s and consistent with predictions of 97 percent of climatologists that with climate change we will experience more extreme weather events but they will be less in number. My records confirm this.

    From what I’ve been able to observe in North America is that you are experiencing fewer hurricanes but they are getting more powerful and that is exactly the same as what is happening in Australia.

    Finally I’d just like to point that if 97 percent of doctors diagnosed you with cancer would you then go with the three percent that said you didn’t have the disease. It’s the same with climate change and I’d prefer to err on side of caution and believe in the 97 percent of climate change scientists who say that this is the biggest threat to humanity.

    Frankly, in business I always had to deal with risk management and that meant reducing the threat of a real or perceived risk. It’s the same with climate change insofar as you have to manage a real or perceived risk rather than ignoring it completely and then finding out when it’s too late that the risk is real and you are unprepared for it. Prevention is the best outcome but we’ve left it too late for that so we just have to manage the risk as best as we can.

    1. Same in North America. Houston has experienced three “500-year” flood events in the last three years. Texas as a whole has seen long droughts punctuated by massive flooding. Sea levels along the coast are rising, and the rate of change is accelerating. That is combining with more severe storms and increased development in vulnerable areas to make the flood insurance program financially unsupportable in the long to medium term.

      I moved to Central Texas over forty years ago, attracted in part by the wildflower season. That now happens from two to four weeks earlier than it did then. Some of the flora and much of the fauna have shifted their range a hundred mile to the north or more in those four decades. This is not opinion, or speculation, or fake news. Anybody who lives in a room with windows can see it.

      There are many theories about why this is happening. About 97% of scientists in the field hold the same view, that human beings are generating greenhouse gasses at a rate that correlates to the higher levels measured in the atmosphere, which then correlates to higher average measured global temperatures, which correlate to a variety of observed climate impacts. The other 3% hold all the other views, but cannot agree on any single theory to explain the observed facts.

      As applecynic points out, this is a case of Pascal’s Gamble (if you believe in postmortem justice, lead a good life, and are wrong, you don’t lose anything; if you don’t believe, live a bad life, and are wrong, you lose everything). If we do not cut emissions and the 97% are right, we face catastrophe. If we cut emissions and the 3% are right, we have still conserved our finite supply of fossil fuels.

  7. Postscript to the aforementioned set of statistics:

    Date time: Thursday 24 January 4.00 P.M. AEST

    Adelaide the capital of South Australia has set a new heat record, smashing the previous one reached in 1939, hitting 46.3 degrees Celsius this afternoon. The previous record was 46.1 Celcius.

    So far, 19 locations have hit record temperatures including Adelaide Airport, Minlaton, Noarlunga, Snowtown and Port Lincoln.

    Ceduna set a record for the second day in a row reaching 48.6C!

    Sure, Australia has hot summers but nothing like this and this is happening year after year.

    1. Australia has always been a land of weather extremes over thousands of years. Your few scant decades of records are worth diddly squat. The only warming is in your brain, that’s it.

  8. Well the temperature just kept going up in Adelaide. It topped out at 46.6 Celsius. This was 0.5 above the record.

    I restate what I originally said to all those flippant climate change deniers (with a deluge of statistics) is that all you have to do is observe all the records that are being smashed with increasing regularity. That’s the reality and it’s not some radical left wing hippy thing it’s just a worrying reality.

    1. @Teslstar: I feel you, my family members who live in Sydney also said the heat is unbearable. I myself, used to live there 34 years ago, I could not tolerate the heat at Christmas time, so I headed for Bondi beach which packed of people and challenging parking spaces. I was dreaming for White Christmas, luckily I am here in the US. I got to celebrate WHITE Christmas

  9. iSmile,

    There are too many records being broken for this to be normal. Read my comments on the previous page where I list some of the most recent meteorological data for an idea of what’s going on. When it comes to climate change change we’re the canary in the coal mine.

    1. 2018 numbers on global average temperatures were just made available. The four warmest years since 1850 are 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. That is not speculation or opinion, liberal, radical or otherwise. It is a fact. Deal with it, people!

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