Apple’s AirPower is dead. What’s next?

“It’s only early April and it’s already been a tough year for Apple. Besides the admission that the company simply could not ship the wireless charging pad that it had been teasing for a year and a half, there was also the restatement of the company’s holiday quarter results, and an Apple event featuring TV content that showed remarkably little of that content, leaving some folks scratching their heads,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“On top of all of that, Apple has a small handful of products that are potentially trouble waiting to happen,” Moren writes. “Though none alone—or perhaps even all three together — would likely cause the company to tip into the abyss, they still could end up being things that Apple ends up spending more time discussing than it really wants to.”

Moren discusses the following:

• MacBooks’ butterfly keyboard
• HomePod
• Mac Pro

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For those customer who are having issues and are unsatisfied with their portable Mac’s built-in keyboard, Apple must make things right. There’s nothing wrong with the HomePod besides Siri, which it look like Apple has finally gotten serious about advancing. As for Mac Pro debacle: Cook will never live that mismanaged fiasco down. Over half a decade (!) is about four years too long to have utterly neglected Apple’s flagship Mac and Apple’s high-end professional Mac users. It’s inexcusable.


  1. look, we all know in our hearts that the Mac Pro is going to be an expensive disappointment

    frustrating but true – time to bail to a Windows PC

    there is no other choice if you are a content creator vs. consumer

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