Apple’s AirPower is dead. What’s next?

“It’s only early April and it’s already been a tough year for Apple. Besides the admission that the company simply could not ship the wireless charging pad that it had been teasing for a year and a half, there was also the restatement of the company’s holiday quarter results, and an Apple event featuring TV content that showed remarkably little of that content, leaving some folks scratching their heads,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“On top of all of that, Apple has a small handful of products that are potentially trouble waiting to happen,” Moren writes. “Though none alone—or perhaps even all three together — would likely cause the company to tip into the abyss, they still could end up being things that Apple ends up spending more time discussing than it really wants to.”

Moren discusses the following:

• MacBooks’ butterfly keyboard
• HomePod
• Mac Pro

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MacDailyNews Take: For those customer who are having issues and are unsatisfied with their portable Mac’s built-in keyboard, Apple must make things right. There’s nothing wrong with the HomePod besides Siri, which it look like Apple has finally gotten serious about advancing. As for Mac Pro debacle: Cook will never live that mismanaged fiasco down. Over half a decade (!) is about four years too long to have utterly neglected Apple’s flagship Mac and Apple’s high-end professional Mac users. It’s inexcusable.


  1. I believe Apple is lying about the Mac Pro. They will never do it. I could put together a Mac pro within 3 months in my garage (if I had one) all by myself, but Apple can’t do it in 3 years (since the time they announced they are working on a new one) because they have no way to cool down the nuclear reactor that will power their forthcoming Apple cpu.

    1. You could do it on a Saturday. It’s nowhere near as tricky as it used to be. There are many parts out there, especially systems boards, that just work. No tweaking or tinkering for the most parts. Dozens and Dozens of videos on how to do it.

      If Apple is building a MacPro, rest assured they are creating something that pretends to be expandable on the surface, but is only expandable with their components. Hyper expensive CPUs, GPUs, and ludicrously expensive RAM, SSD, etc. It will be beautiful to look at, stirring, and you’ll want one, but it will be hard to justify the cost.

      The Mac community needs to organize and explain to Apple in no uncertain terms that the appeal of every other Apple product and service is only as high as our satisfaction with the Macintosh platform.

      1. It’s just so odd it’s taking Apple so long to design a Mac Pro from scratch when the last cheese-grater Mac Pro only had to be updated with the newest components. They would have basically needed to upgrade the cheese-grater’s modular motherboard to work with all the latest and greatest hardware. The old Mac Pro cheese-grater design was flawless with everything easily accessible and plenty of airflow. From my perspective, Apple was stupid to abandon that design. If they just wanted to charge more money, they should have built it with a carbon fiber case to make it easier to move around.

        Seriously, how many other companies’ pro computers (or otherwise) were built with that crazy cylindrical trash-can design? Where did Apple get such a stupid idea? I’ll bet Jony Ive was to blame for that mess. Yeah, think different, but don’t think insane. That trash-can Mac Pro was built with the premise of fitting square pegs in a round hole.

        Apple better not try to build some pro computer based on a hexagon shape just because that shape works for bees.

    2. Benevolent aliens were going to contact us with the secrets of warp drive and quantum computing, but when they saw the state of the Mac Pro and the reasons for it and the people behind it, they decided we were not ready.

  2. The HomePod needs to work with the Mac properly. Currently it is dumbed down so it pretty much only works with iTunes. If I want to play from other audio sources I can see one HomePod or the other but I cannot see the stereo pair.

    My assumption, based on the character of Apple, Inc. is that they do this on purpose to steer you their music service. Other systems work at the OS/UI level, not at the iTunes level so their speakers work everywhere.

    This is par for Apple’s design methodology that pretends to be superior on the one hand, but when you look closer you’re being chained to the gated community.

    1. I usually give Apple the benefit of the doubt, but my pair of HomePods are bewitched. Frequently both work as a stereo team, but every few days one fails to play (in stereo mode). The solution requires testing each permutation to restart them.

      Very un-Apple.

  3. Apple is behaving just like Sony has for the past three decades. Outstanding products but entirely too much proprietary B.S. that comes with it. Pipeline Timmy’s and his top lieutenants continued nearly criminal neglect of the Mac Pro shows why he should be given his walking papers. A fish rots from the head down.
    Pipeline Timmy has got to go.
    I wonder what Scott Forstall is up to the days………

  4. Come June and WWDC it will be a day of Mac Pro introduction reckoning before disappointed hordes of previous Mac pros finally invest in PC Workstation solutions instead, based on what we see. All pro eyes are on you Tim, Craig and Phil. Don’t fuck up again. Our patience is at an end or should I say dead-end.

    1. Perhaps I can explain this to you.
      When you announce that a product is coming, IT LIVES.
      when you fail to launch it, it becomes VAPOR WARE.
      Hope that helps.

      1. So it’s kinda like throwing a baby shower for a kid you plan on aborting because it’s not going to be the gender you wanted. Got it!
        Timmy Boy had the AirPower in his “uterus” but didn’t like how it was going to turn out so he yanked it out and threw it in the trash.

        Got to admit, that’s a pretty good analogy.

        1. Actually, I believe your analogy surpasses mine. Kudos.
          It’s even better when you realize that Pipeline Timmy gets to keep all the presents that were bestowed upon him at the Baby shower.

          1. Cook is like O’Bummer: Both reached the top unexpectedly and then skated but, while Obama had a correct vision, Cook never seemed to have had it. Maybe his AR hires can create an AR vision for Cook. Should they crack it, Apple would dominate for a long time. We’ll see. No one knows the future. The future is undetermined.

  5. Slightly off-topic but speaking of delays, vaporware, etc: The homepod is still not available in Switzerland. And Switzerland is Apple Country with over 50% of smartphone users owning a iPhone.

    Even the geniuses at Apple Store know nothing. He suggested it might have legal reasons – but couldn‘t elaborate.

    No official word from Apple – years after the introduction. WTF?

      1. I hesitated because I want to use it for my Apple TV but they don’t seem to be ideal for this purpose since the speakers are not loud enough to replace my 5.1 system. Experts hinted that all it takes is a software update but – what a surprise! – this update never came. (And if I import one anyway I will need to replace the power plug.)

        I just find it incredible that Apple is unable or unwilling to deliver – and won‘t even give a reason why.

  6. MDN: “As for Mac Pro debacle: Cook will never live that mismanaged fiasco down. Over half a decade (!) is about four years too long to have utterly neglected Apple’s flagship Mac and Apple’s high-end professional Mac users. It’s inexcusable.”

    Sigh. 😔

    To those of us steadfast Apple Pro loyalists, through thick and thin since the 1980s, we will NEVER forget.

    The decades of highs and lows, the banner front page headline in USA TODAY (#1 circulation) announcing Windows 95 dominance, the clone wars under hapless Amelio, the snide mocking of the Second Coming of Steve by Mikey Dell who famously announced Jobs should sell the company and return money to shareholders.

    Think about the following carefully. At the time, the media proclaimed Windows ruled the world and Apple was near death. The board took note, released Amelio and brought back the prodigal son.

    In a stroke of sheer genius, bearded Steve stood before the world onstage in 1997 and with mighty moxie served strong notice, with a target graphic on Mikey’s face in the background, we’re coming after you.

    The tech world and the mainstream press mocked in disbelief. We all know how that turned out and it feels good to have the last laugh.

    Contrast that stage presence with present day pasty CEO Cook, embarrassingly empty and uninspiring. You don’t have the stage moxie, you don’t have the creatives genius, you don’t care for devoted legacy users.

    You only care about the bottom line that is not helpful to the bottom line of any Pro. You have let us down for FAR too long. Simply long overdue for a good separation rainbow party in the spaceship and afterwards go quietly in the night…

  7. look, we all know in our hearts that the Mac Pro is going to be an expensive disappointment

    frustrating but true – time to bail to a Windows PC

    there is no other choice if you are a content creator vs. consumer

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