Apple hardware durability: A professor found an Apple IIe in his dad’s attic – and it worked just fine

“The furnace in my house hails from 1969. An expert came to service it. Should I switch it out for a new one, I asked him,” Chris Matyszczyk reports for ZDNet. “‘No way,’ he said. ‘In those days, things were built to last. It’s like a Ford Thunderbird.'”

“Which is why I find myself a touch unsurprised at the events that transpired in Professor John Pfaff’s parents’ attic,” Matyszczyk reports. “Pfaff, a Fordham law professor, took to Twitter at the weekend to offer his personal tale of product durability.”

“As he began to witness the resurrection of games such a Adventureland, Olympic Decathlon, and even — I didn’t know this had existed — Neuromancer, he considered the effect this would have on his children. Specifically, on their historical perspectives,” Matyszczyk reports. “He found old floppy disks and even a letter addressed to him, written in 1986 and typed by his dad on the computer.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We posted this specifically from a 27-inch iMac (Mid 2011) because we can.

Macintosh. You get what you pay for, and then some!


  1. You could go all the way to the bank with hardware under Jobs. I still have a desktop from the 80s that still works.

    Under Cook, especially with all the keyboard, screen, video card, and motherboard problems, you won’t get as far as the Salvation Army.

    1. Wa-wa-wa. Complain-complain-complain. What a bitter, petty, whinylittlebitch you are, zeroloser. And such a coward… you can’t even post under your original name.

      Signs that it is zeroloser:
      1. Often first post.
      2. Incessant complaining about Tim Cook.

  2. Why not? If properly stored, it should last another 100 years.

    Ahh yes, Scott Adams Adventureland. Sure was primitive, but fun. You actually had to hand draw maps for that one. At least I did.

  3. Back then, an external floppy drive cost like $300 in the 80’s. A small fortune.A 500MB hard drive was ginormous. Hell, a 40MB hard drive was huge. Amazing how far we have come.

    1. Computers from back then are hardy.. I still have my C64 and C128 in working order. Even have a 3.5 floppy drive for them that used ED disks. For those unfamiliar with EDs they are the level above HD. I think at the time, after formatting SD held 360k, DD held 720k, HD held 1.44M and ED held 2.88M.

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