Next-gen iPhone rumors predict ‘frosted glass casing’

“Reliable supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo dropped a treasure chest of Apple hardware rumors for 2019 over the weekend, including the first mention of a possible iPhone 11 design change,” Zac Hall writes for 9to5Mac. “According to Kuo, Apple plans to use a ‘frosted glass casing’ on the new flagship iPhones later this year — a design that would be totally new for iPhones.”

“I don’t personally have complaints about fingerprints on the glass back and the grippy feel is preferred to more slippery aluminum, but I have experienced moments of confusion between the front and back of the iPhone,” Hall writes. “A matte glass back restores the sense of front and back at the cost of a less uniform design.”

“In a year when we expect the iPhone design to retain the same three screen sizes, this iPhone 11 rumor suggests one way Apple can create a visual distinction between the old iPhones and the new models,” Hall writes. “A fresh matte glass finish sounds like a neat modern take on the glossy glass surface seen on the last two years of iPhones without compromise.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We vote for less slippery naked iPhones in 2019!


    1. Yeah, “frosted glass” will go great with the frosted flakes I have in the morning.

      Sure, it merits a 30% price increase.

      Duh, what do we do now, boss?


  1. The 5C was one of the nicest phones to hold and it didnt need a case.

    If they did them in really cool translucent colours like the imac they’d be awesome.

    But no, Mr Ive thinks monochrome, chintzy gold and glass are cool. Whilst he was ‘unapologetic’ about plastic (which was essentially apologetic) he hasn’t bothered to do anything with it since.

    If the XR was packaged as an updated 5C and a couple hundred cheaper they’d have had a gigantic hit – but daren’t because they’d be no reason to buy an XS MAX NG NEO ULTRA.

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