Lusting for Apple’s professional 6K display

“According to a report from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch its first 6K display for the Mac Pro this year,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “This report lines up with Apple’s own statement about its plans for this year, but adds some much-needed meat to the story.”

Beyond the 6K specification, “the second big piece of information relates to the size of the display. Kuo is very specific when it comes to reporting the size of the panel, noting that it’s 31.6-inches, which amounts to the diagonal measurement of the display panel itself,” Benjamin writes. “In addition to the size, Kuo also notes that the display will feature “outstanding picture quality”, which is owed to a Mini LED-like backlight design… More specifically, Kuo notes that it will be a 6K3K display, equating to roughly in the ballpark of ~6000 pixels horizontally, and ~3000 pixels vertically.”

“When looking at the potential resolution of a 6K3K display, one particular resolution immediately comes to mind — 6400×3600,” Benjamin writes. “An Apple 6K display with a 6400×3600 resolution would have 23,040,000 pixels versus just 14,745,600 pixels found in 5K displays with a 5120×2880 resolution. That suggests a 44% increase in usable resolution — a major win for creative professionals… Apple’s 6K display would have enough resolution to fit nine different instances of full-resolution 1080p video inside with room to spare.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve been waiting for a new Apple display to replace our tired monitors for what seems like forever. Hopefully Apple will have plenty of these 6K babies stocked up for launch because there’s going to be a run on them from Day One!


    1. I would guess $2799.00. 66khz.

      Then, when all the screaming, crying, hating, name calling GREEDY APPLE!, is over. The Pros will buy theirs. The seriously wealthy enthusiasts will buy theirs, And Apple will release a 144Khz version within 8 months! Same price!

  1. I have been using Apples 24″ 2010 LED monitor since, well 2010. And using a KVM switch to go between my MacBook Pro 15″ Retina 2015 and my 2014 MacPro (which I still love and cooks through any Final Cut Pro project easily and in absolute silence). However, after spending time with the MacBook Pro’s retina screen directly or our 21.5 inch 4k iMac, the 24″ LED seems fuzzy.

    I really don’t want a 31.6″ screen though I’m sure that will be great for many people.

    I wish Apple would just take a 4k iMac and leave out the computer and price it under $800.

    I would have upgraded my monitor a long time ago but I don’t want some other stupid company’s logo staring at me all day.

    That plastic LG they sell is an embarrassment. The screen is good, but the case, yuk, so “un-apple”

  2. I can’t see the pixels in my 4k 32″ display I can’t see the benefit in more pixels that I can’t see. It just requires a much more powerful GPU to drive those 6k pixels for no benefit.

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