Apple likely to unveil TV streaming service at star-studded event on March 25th

“A new Apple News subscription service, an Apple TV subscription service to challenge Netflix, upgraded AirPods if not actually AirPods 2, the fabled AirPower wireless charging pad and a new iPad, or even two iPads and an iPod touch are among the delights predicted for the Apple special event which seems increasingly likely to happen on Monday, March 25,” David Phelan writes for Forbes.

“We’ve been told already that Apple is getting into making TV content and that means that a preview of some of the content will be a great way to tease interest ahead of the service going live.,” Phelan writes. “Which will be when, exactly? It’s not clear, though to my mind there’s still a lot to be done, finishing shows, building the content, doing deals with networks, producers and more. CNBC reckons it will be soon, like April or early May.”

“That’s certainly Apple’s modus operandi, to announce now and release soon after, so that’s possible. But my guess is that the fall is just as likely,” Phelan writes. “Summer has been suggested but, you know, there’s a reason why the traditional networks start their new seasons later than that, avoiding holidays, for example. So, my money is it’ll be soon or September.”

“It’s possible, or probable even, that some of the talent lined up in the shows which have been announced, will be there to introduce it,” Phelan writes. “Rumors suggest Jennifer Garner, J.J. Abrams and others may be gracing the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We agree. They won’t launch it during the summer doldrums. It’ll either be sooner (this spring) or later (this fall).

We also agree with Phelan that, unlike Netflix, Apple won’t charge more for 4K content.

Apple is targeting April to launch its new video service – February 13, 2019
Apple to hold special media event on March 25th – February 12, 2019


  1. I Love Apple and their products but the last thing I need is a news aggregation service run but yet another leftist technology company with a social and political agenda. I will be passing on this especially if the republican-centric news aggregation resources is represented by Fox News as Home Pod (for example) does.

    The left has CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Huffington Post, Google News, Yahoo News, The Young Turks, Comedy Central… I can go on and on. The right has theirs as well. Yet all too often they are represented by FOX despite there are so much more (and my opinion better) news and opinion resources: The Blaze, Daily Wire, Red State, Conservative Review, The Daily Caller, The Right Scoop, WND etc.

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