Apple spotlights iPad Pro’s versatility and intuitiveness with new film created entirely on iPad Pro

In “A new way to go behind the scenes,” Apple spotlights iPad Pro’s versatility and intuitiveness with new film created entirely on iPad Pro.

Go behind the scenes for an inside look at a new series of iPad Pro films.

See how they were filmed, edited, animated, designed, and composed completely with iPad Pro.

Learn new ways to do things with iPad Pro here.

MacDailyNews Take: No mouse required.

(FYI: If you want a trackpad for your iPad, you already have one. Hold your finger down anywhere on the iOS keyboard to access the trackpad feature for precise cursor control. To select text, simply place your cursor in your desired position, then use a second finger to tap the screen and the text selection tool will appear for use.)

Apple debuts five new ads spotlighting iPad Pro productivity – January 18, 2019


  1. Agreed on All fronts,..
    but Apple give us an iOS Pro with core user manageable file/folder sys with a consistent UI across the evosys , accessible from all apps for all files! And remove self imposed l/O restriction to external devices.
    No doubt iPad Pro is super capable.. i use is 5-6 hours a day .. the directness if pencil/touch interactivity and the some new powerful yet intuitive apps are absolutely fantastic…….. but the convoluted and handicapped iOS file/folder sys and i/o is are huge problems for assett intensive projects. … and most pro projects are very assett intensive!

    Just remove these handicaps Apple.. its not rocket science !

    1. Im surprised.. i had gen2 12.9.. and bought the gen3 12.9 cel a few months ago…. Im quite impressed with it!

      One thing u may want to adjust is screen brightness.
      I use mine about 30% at night and about 50% during day..true tone and nightshift on, any more i find unnecessarily bright. I can go 7-8 hours with mix of browsing, affinity pro, LumaFusion,, GarageBand, utubing and some graphics intensive games and some other odds and ends..

  2. My old one had LTE and this one is WiFi only- I tether it to my iPhone when there is no secure WiFi- and it is set up exactly the same.

    Maybe there is a conditioning period for the batteries, but it seems rather power hungry. I just got the Anker USB C charger and cable in from Amazon yesterday- they are both much nicer than what Apple is shipping. The new Apple charger does not have the adapter plug and looks Samsung cheap. The cable is also cheap white and short.

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