Overall iPhone sales down 20% YOY in November; iPhone XR became the bestselling model – Counterpoint

“iPhone XR became the best-selling iPhone model in November 2018,” Shobhit Srivastava writes for Counterpoint. “The overall sales of new iPhones took a hit in November due to slower sales of the series in the Asia Pacific region (excluding China and India), Europe and US. The decline in the US and Europe is due to the lengthening replacement cycle and decreased operator discounts this year during the launch of new iPhones. While the decline in emerging markets like the Asia Pacific (excluding China and India) is due to the higher price when compared to offerings from Chinese players.”

“Sale[s] of new iPhones (XR/XS/XS MAX) launched in November were down over 20% YoY compared to last year’s launches (8/8 Plus/X),” Srivastava writes. “The iPhone XR series outsold XS and XS Max series, iPhone XR 64 GB became the best-selling iPhone during the month.”

“We estimate iPhone XR to further eat into the share of higher-priced iPhone XS and XS Max during December 2018,” Srivastava writes.

New iPhone sales (in millions) in November 2017 vs. November 2018
Source: Counterpoint

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, units don’t matter. There are only so many quality users on the planet. Keeping them happy, as every measure of customer satisfaction shows Apple has amazingly well done to date, is what matters. As long as the users buy apps on the App Store, subscribe to Apple Music, add iCloud storage, use Apple Pay, etc., they can replace their hardware with Apple hardware at their own pace.

Yes, the iPhone replacement cycle is lengthening, but with so many iPhone (and iPad) users and with customer satisfaction so high, it really doesn’t matter. The market is mature and there are only so many quality users on the planet. Apple has that market cornered. The types of people who’ve settled for Android aren’t likely to buy as many apps or subscribe to services. They want free. They’re not worth much after the sale. The iPhone knockoff peddlers like Samsung can have them.

This is, of course, Apple’s point with ceasing the reporting of unit sales. It’s the user base, the quality of the user base, and services that matter more now. That’s where the growth is and where it will be for many, many years to come.MacDailyNews, January 5, 2019


  1. Stated like facts.. but they are not… they are estimates/guestimates and the reasons total conjecture !
    That is where the rub is.. and that is where the lemming jump off the cliff.

    1. Even the super powers of delusional online apologists can’t help Tim Cook now. This is the end of the road for the activist who used his sexuality as a shield to protect him from criticism for being himself, a lazy, greedy incompetent gay activist… posing as a CEO and pretending for 8-years to actually serve Apple and its consumers. All the while, he sold the company up the river to Wall Street for riches and acceptance. Exactly how’s that working out for you these days, Timmy.

  2. November was a discombobulated month, especially in the Asia market, IMHO Apple has too many models (think Gil Amilio) and do better stirring anticipation, theatrics and envy with product launches, plus err on the side of limited availability for first few months, screw the wall street pundits.

  3. I read the article, written by an Indian national by a firm named Counterpoint based out of Gurgaon, India, and could not find any statement about how the author arrived at November sales data. The author states the 20% sales decline as a fact but does not provide any support for this fact. I think it is a total wild ass guess that may in fact be a lie which is posted just to get hits on the internet.

  4. All sales matter, if Apple had opened markets, and filled the enormous void that Android filled, -you know, apparently the “Deplorable Cell Phone users” well not only would be not be having this conversation, but the company would be $400 bil richer, Sales Solves Everything. It should be a given that the product is the best.

    1. Apple will eventually need to enter the smart phone market with something around %500 is my best prediction based on the adults I talk to who have kids and grandkids.

      Tim & crew in Cupertino/SF live in a rarified world where a 2 spouse income of $200,000 per year is ‘middle class.’ That leads to a distorted view of what the rest of the world thinks, sees and buys.

  5. Hey MDN I’m an iPhone user since 2010 and don’t buy any of that crap either. I have no use for paid apps or any Apple services thank you very much. Hear that ? I have no NEED for paid apps. Not any desire either. I also don’t think I am the exception. I bought some apps on my iPad years ago but given how little I have used them, its been years since App Store got a penny from me.

  6. my uber driver tonight told me good luck with everything bc i told him how every day i’m basically gone from 8AM to at least midnight with work and my BigInternships and that meant SO MUCH im gonna buy him an edible arrangement

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