Analyst: Apple will release a redesigned iPhone X this year

“In a note to clients Jean Baptiste Su, vice president and principal analyst at the consulting firm of Atherton Research predicts that Apple will release a re-designed iPhone X in 2019,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today.

“He forecasts it to have a smaller notch, a fingerprint reader (Touch ID) under the display, and a USB-C port,” Sellers reports. “Su adds that ‘it will still lack the extensibility (memory card), the battery life, the lightning-fast charging capability, and the camera quality of Android flagship smartphones while being more expensive.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, but what did Joe Schmoe from Noname Research predict?

Also, Su’s characterization of Android flagship phones in relation to his forecasted next-gen “iPhone X” reeks of bias.


  1. Lol… Predict all that? Based on what.. where does he pull that out of… crystsl ball, A magic hat, or his rear?

    Plus it takes no prediction that Apple changes design on 2 year cycle basis.

    Kuo wana be in the works.

    1. Sounds like Tim Cook to me. Regurgitating the same phone with minor tweaks for a 40% increase in price, on cheap storage that is still marked up 100,000%.

      I wonder why iphone sales are down. 🤔

      1. What do u expect …a Time machine?
        Given your frame of mind, iphones are pretty much the same as they have been from 2007.. whats there to iterative and incremental Improvements . .. nothing right? ( cars still have four wheeks and a sterring and a few seats.. right )
        Yet the competition is flying hight on revolutionary products.

        Get a grip !

        And ohhh, iphones do sell. And Apple sells way more than iphones.
        To the tune of Aprox 250 billion a year !

        1. Headphone jack
          Lightning port
          USB-C port (With file system access so USB sticks can work.)
          Micro-SD card slot.

          See? Not 2000, just 4.

          That lets me do all sorts of things that I can’t do now. If one of the ports breaks, I can work around it. And I don’t need a bag of adaptors that weighs more then the phone.

  2. No they will not bring back the fingerprint reader as it is quite a bit less secure than the FaceID. FaceID is flawless almost like you have no protection at all – it just gets out of your way..

  3. Again, it doesn’t matter what Apple does with the design if consumers aren’t willing to buy an iPhone. Apple is required to sell a certain amount of iPhones and if it misses that number, then Apple is screwed, or should I say Apple shareholders are screwed. It’s unlikely Apple will be foolish enough to raise iPhone prices again this year. Even so, if Apple isn’t able to sell enough iPhones to Chinese consumers then it’s another iPhone unit sales loss season. Even if Apple doesn’t disclose unit sales, it will be presumed Apple’s unit sales are falling based on supply chain numbers and that will also hurt Apple’s overall value. Big investors will never allow Apple to change how it’s valued unless the company acquires some completely new business.

    Apple will never be able to surpass Android smartphones in terms of the number of features per phone. Any Android smartphone manufacturer will specifically add more features than any iPhone Apple is willing to build. Android smartphones will always come with more system RAM, MicroSD card slots and higher capacity batteries than an iPhone, and still, cost a lot less. Apple will be the last company to implement 5G on smartphones and will be heavily criticized for being late to the party. Apple’s iPhone business model is an easy target for competitors to hit hard, year after year. They don’t give up and come back stronger each year while Apple grows weaker. It’s a darn shame Apple is unable to fight back.

    1. ‘Broken record’ of complaints and misguided notions ….

      No !
      Apple is expected to diversify their revenue stream and not rely on iphones so heavily!

      And the revised guidance showed very healty improvements in this area ,

      1. “Apple is expected to diversify their revenue stream and not rely on iphones so heavily!”

        You are exactly right!
        Apple should have done it so many years ago, that was clear to everybody’s eye.
        But Apple (Tim Cook) totally failed to do that bringing Apple down to a one trick pony.
        Sometimes, you say a right thing:-)

  4. Where is the 4″??? I am starting to think, based on Tim Cook’s clueless leadership, that soon they will get rid of all ports, no buttons, digress software (see almost all Apple apps lately), just a thin piece of paper with a picture of a phone on it and call it the “New” iPhone…

  5. If Apple truly had an ecosystem they’d be in better shape. Google and Amazon have many value added features in Prime, Alexa with music and film, apps, and Google complete suite of apps in the cloud that seamlessly make life easy and tie everything they do together, Have you ever realized how much googles apps can do for you? I’m truly not feeling that from Apple. And lets face it, Apple is late to the party with every feature Like 5G. Well the market just opened, UP, but aapl Down…

  6. FaceID has so many ergonomic issues that I’d like fingerprint back, if only as an alternative.
    Also, let’s have some visual clue as to which way up the phone is when I reach for it.

  7. The iPhone needs a fingerprint reader. I have the Max and have trouble unlocking it while it is in a hands-free holder in my car while driving (to use maps for example) because it is too far away for FaceID to work. Also TouchID works better for ApplePay because, again, my face is too far away from the phone when using Apple Pay. Both FaceID and TouchID (under the screen) would be fantastic.

  8. Unless your in the car and have sunglasses on or if laying in bed and you reach over and try to “wake” up your phone but no, you can’t use your finger. Let’s raise it up to my face! Going backwards Is say. And it’s been proven that Face ID is not flawless. Did you see on the news perhaps 9 months back reported on a local NYC TV where a 10 year old who looked like his mom was able to get in.

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