The best macOS Mojave feature you’re likely not using

“Sometimes, you don’t see value when it’s right in front of you,” Henry T. Casey writes for Laptop. “Back when macOS Mojave launched, I wrote off the Quick Actions feature as unimportant.”

“And then, last week, as I edited fistfuls of images for a series of how-to articles, I discovered how Quick Actions can save me a ton of time,” Casey writes. “nstead of loading Preview or Pixelmator, I just scrolled through a list view in Finder, and clicked the Markup button in the Quick Actions corner.”

Casey writes, “Instantly, I had the ability to edit images, including the crop and box-drawing actions that I rely upon for my how-to articles.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Sometimes, you don’t see value when it’s right in front of you,” i.e. every Windows sufferer and Android settler on the planet.

And, yes, if you haven’t used Mojae’s Quick Actions yet, give them a try (we use them in Finder’s Column View) and see how useful they are!


  1. Nice feature to have. I spent nearly two years asking Apple for the ability to quickly markup photos. Not a headline feature but a useful one.

    Please Apple consider one more useful feature:

    Notes for the Mac needs the ability to highlight text, add shapes such as instructive arrows. Teachers need the ability to quickly highlight text and draw instructive arrows etc.

    I have built a bunch of notes to answer frequent questions. Unfortunately, Notes is not as useful as Microsoft OneNote for this type of work.

  2. @MDN take: actually, Apple is playing catchup here, except that they’re doing it right and with lots of functionality accross the board, with more Quick Actions coming soon when 3rd party developer support builds up.

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