German court rules Apple infringed Qualcomm patent

“A German court ruled on Thursday that iPhone maker Apple Inc infringed a hardware patent of Qualcomm Inc,” Reuters reports.

The court “said the U.S. company could no longer sell some iPhone models in Germany which contain a particular component,” Reuters reports.

“The ruling will not go into immediate effect if Apple appeals,” Reuters reports, “judge Matthias Zigann told the court.”

Read more in the full article here.


MacDailyNews Take: You can be certain that Apple will appeal. You can also be certain that we’ll have additional information about this ruling as it becomes available.

Bottom line: More fodder for the fomenters. Look for AAPL sub-$160 today! (BTW, Apple’s 52-week low is $150.24.)

Munich I Regional Court has 10 Qualcomm v. Apple decisions scheduled for December 20th – December 19, 2018

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