Bloomberg gins up more iPhone concern by conflating Apple’s Give Back trade-in program with price slashing

Bloomberg is back with a story that presents Apple’s trade-in program as being an example of desperate price slashing in response to supposedly flagging sales of what Apple has actually stated is its most popular phone —the iPhone XR,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Writing for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman cited an unnamed ‘person familiar with the situation’ as provocatively portraying the work of Apple’s marketing team to sell more iPhones as being a ‘fire drill’ and ‘a possible admission’ that new iPhones ‘may have been selling below some expectations,'” Dilger writes. “As Roger Fingas reported on Tuesday, AppleInsider spoke with sources actually inside Apple, who stated that the moves were in no way a ‘fire drill’ as described by Bloomberg but rather a ‘normal seasonal response to expected consumer trends,’ although they said they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the company.”

“In dramatic contrast, Google relentlessly advertised its Pixel 2 phone online last year, offering buyers $300 off with ‘no trade-in required,’ if only they would please take delivery of the device the search giant invested incredible amounts of money into developing, advertising and promoting as the highest rated cameraphone,” Dilger writes. “But rather than presenting Google’s fire sale as an obvious sign of weak demand for Pixel, Bloomberg provided disproportionate, informercial-like coverage of Google’s Pixel products without any concern for how well they were selling. ”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just another example of fake news from from Bloomberg “Chinese Spy Chips” News.

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  1. DED is an Apple fanboy of long standing. Apple Insider is an online fanzine. Bloomberg is a worldwide business news and market data organization funded by terminal subs that run $25,000 a pop.

    Gurman has shown himself to be among the most accurate reporters on Apple. I guess the fanbois are more than a little concerned about the one trick pony problem Apple faces.

    1. One caveat though …. Gurman now is paid by boombug. 😉

      Never the less there seems to some legit concerns out there.. but not 25% worth of drop!
      The panic is created by manupulation and constant bombardment and regurgitation of rumors and FUD.

      In 2 months we will know the facts.

      One trick pony?…have u looked at Apples product line and services?
      Phones my be disproportionally big ( an issue Apple is diligently trying to address by diversifying revenue )
      but each group is a massive buisness on it own already !

      1. The broadcast/cable part of Bloomberg is a side line. The core of the business is the subscription terminal service.

        And Gurman has been working for Bloomberg for quite some time now.

  2. ‘Bloombug’.

    Mass media and journalism, for most part are nothing more than the tentacles of the powerful to manipulate the masses.

    You can turn a blind eye to this, but if you do you are also turning a blind eye to your naivety.

  3. There was a recent article about Apple shifting from a unit sales focus to their customer base. Well worth a read:

    After getting my first Powerbook at the “turn of the century” I’ve seen the impact of the Apple environment – I haven’t made a non-Apple purchase since that first one. Now there is no one in my family that doesn’t own an Apple product, including grandkids. Sounds odd if you haven’t read the article.

  4. For some real strange reason MDN site wont allow me to post this in one contiguous post… i tried And tested it on an very old and obsolete thread.. it only works if i cut it into smaller pieces..
    Its by NO means longer than some posts by some others here.. but still it wpnt show up .
    So pardon me for the segmented post.. please read through all ..

    1. I looked on line for iPhone 7 plus 128 selling prices… they are between 300 to 450
      I even followed 3 auctions closing… ranged from 360, 375, 395 !
      Given the above observation Anyone wanting an iPhone XR could sell their 7 plus 128 iPhone on. for 300 to 450!
      Lets go Conservative based on my observed closing prices and say 350$ average. That’s lower than my observed.

    2. Now lets forget Apple Apples so called Panic Promo.. ( which it is not, Apple has had trade in program for years now)…. and look at some elementary level math…Subtraction.

      eBay average iPhone 7 plus 128 price average 350 (conservative )

    3. The Net out of pocket cost for iPhone XR for a consumer who plans to go from iPhone 7 plus128 to XR:

      XR 64 GIG 674 – 350= 324 125. better than apple
      XR 128 GIG 719 – 350= 369 80 ‘’’’’’’

      Carrier version

      XR 64 GIG 749 -350= 399 50’’’’’’’’
      XR 128 GIG 799- 350= 449 0 – Same as Apple deal.

    4. (Mind you, i went on a very conservative low end of 7plus selling price ..realistically the net cost will be lower and a consumer will have even better deal than above )

      Where is Apples desperation in this picture??
      They are not offering anything over and above what the going market value is.. no extra discounts.. etc.
      They are just trying to get the trades if anything. And offering a worse deal than one can get otherwise. They have always offered trade-in prices at lower than market prices.
      Anyone could have had and can have as good or a better deal at any point without involving Apple.

      Its just that Apple put the promo on their first page…..And the bashers are running with it mindlessly….throwing FUD around.

      There is no story here..
      Just Fud and hit pieces…Bloombug and alike are pushing negative crap out there.. as they have for quite a while.

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