MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘More in the Making’ October 30th special event at 7am PDT / 10am EDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their “More in the Making” special event at 7am PDT / 10am EDT today, October 30th.

The event will take place at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York.

It is widely expected that Apple today will unveil new Home button-free iPad Pro models, a new Mac notebook, a professionally-focused Mac mini, updated iMacs, and more!

Apple’s special event will be webcast live by Apple here, on Twitter, and via the Apple Events app on Apple TV.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s special event presentation on this page, so just open both the webcast and this page so you can watch and comment live!

Apple’s “More in the Making” October 30th special event live notes:

• Cook thanks all for coming and ends event
• Del Ray apologizes to Cook for being nervous. He replies, No, you were great, I’m the one who’s nervous
• Del Ray and Antonoff perform a second song she calls “Venice” (for now) in the interest or keeping things family-friendly for Apple
• Cook introduces New York-native (Lake Placid) Lana Del Ray for live performance of “How To Disappear” with Jack Antonoff (piano)
• Cook: Apple considers it an hour to be a part of what people create every day all over the world

• Cook recaps today’s announcements

• Apple shipping iOS 12.1 today with Group FaceTime and over 70 new Emoji
• iOS 12 has been installed on more systems in first month than any other iOS

• A12X Bionic is the most powerful SoC Apple has ever created
• Cook: iPad Pro changes the way we think about computers
• 10.5-inch iPad Pro will continue to be available
• Order today; available November 7th
• iPad Pro: 11-inch starts at $799; 12.9-inch starts at $999

• iPad Pro video

• iPad Pro is faster than 92% of portable PCs sold
• iPad Pro is a magical piece of glass that can be anything you need it to be
• This is the actual Photoshop engine running on iPad Pro with a touch interface
• Working with a 3+GB file on iPad Pro zooming around with no lag
• Adobe: The real Photoshop on iPad Pro
• 2K Games: NBA 2K on iPad Pro; thousands of fans are individually rendered; rivals consoles
• iPad Pro apps demo: Autodesk will bring desktop engine on AutoCAD to iPad Pro

• iPad Pro is the best device ever created for augmented reality
• Wide stereo output
• New Smart Keyboard folio by Apple; magnetically attaches to iPad Pro
• Tap twice on Apple Pencil to switch modes; customizable behavior
• 2nd generation Apple Pencil is completely redesigned. Attached magnetically, automatically pairs and charges wirelessly
• External displays up to 5K
• Moving to USB-C
• iPad Pro is a high performance computer
• Up to 1TB in storage capacity
• Neural Engine: 5 trillion operatrions per second
• iPad Pro features all-day battery life
• Apple designed 7-core GPU; 2X GPU performance vs. previous generation
• single core 35% faster; multi-core 90% faster
• 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
• More than 10 billion transistors
• A12X Bionic. “This thing is a monster.” 7 nm technology
• X-class iOS gestures as in X-class iPhones
• TrueDepth Camera system: works in portrait and landscape
• Face ID: The most secure facial authentication of any table or computer
• When you hold the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’ll get it
• 12.9-inch iPad Pro is much smaller physically due to reduced bezels; close to same size at 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper; 25% less volume
• 11-inch iPad Pro – same physical size as the old 10.5-inch iPad Pro
• Square edges: New LCD display, Liquid Retina display: Wide Color, Pro-Motion, True Tone
• Home button-free
• iPad Pro debut video
• Cook: All-new iPad Pro
• iPad Pro contains the most advanced technologies and highest performance
• iPad is the most popular computer in the world
• Apple sold more iPads in the last year than all of the notebooks sold by the biggest laptop makers
• Over 400 million iPad sold to date

• Based on applause, the audience is obviously packed with Apple employees, including retail employees
• Cook: No one else has anything like “Today at Apple.”

• All Apple Retail locations run on 100% renewable energy
• Apple flagships are designed to amplify Today at Apple
• 60 new “Today at Apple” sessions debut today
• Apple Store app “Sessions” tab lets you find Today at Apple sessions near you
• Over 18,000 “Today at Apple” sessions held per week
• Apple creates global platforms for local artists
• Today at Apple: Photography, music, gaming, app development, and more
• Angela Ahrendts takes stage to talk Apple Retail
• Today at Apple sessions
• Cook: Apple Retail

• 100% recycled aluminum
• Order today; available November 7
• Starts at $799
• 4 Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, Ethernet, up to 10GB Ethernet; 2 USB
• All new air system with double the airflow
• Apple T2 chip included
• All flash storage; up to 2TB available
• Mac mini can go up to 64GB RAM
• By far the most powerful Mac mini ever made
• Mac mini comes with 4-core and 6-core processors; 8th-gen processors: Up to 5x faster than before
• Space gray finish denotes that “this new Mac mini is an absolute beast on the inside.”
• The biggest update ever to the Mac mini
• The new Mac mini
• Mac mini reveal video

• Order it today, available next week
• Comes in three finishes: Silver, Space Gray, and Gold
• Starts at $1199
• MacBook Air video
• The greenest Mac ever
• Every new MacBook Air is made from 100% recycled aluminum
• Environmentally-friendly
• 2.75 pounds
• 15.6mm, 10% thinner than previous Air
• 17% less volume than its predecessor
• “All-day battery life” – 12 hours of wireless web browsing, up to 13-hours of iTunes movie playback
• Up to 16GB RAM
• Intel dual-core i5 CPU
• Next-gen IO: 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports; supports up to 5K display, connect to external GPUs
• Three-mic array
• MacBook Air 25% louder, @x more bass and wide stereo sound
• Force Touch trackpad
• Keyboard is backlit
• 3rd-gen butterfly mechanism with 4x the stability as the previous generation
• Apple’s T2 security chip included
• Touch ID sensor is right in the keyboard
• Touch ID comes to MacBook Air
• 48% more color
• 4X the resolution, over 4 million pixels
• 13.3-inch display
• The bezel is much smaller, 50% narrower
• Every part of the product has been redesigned and reengineered
• Cook introduces an all-new MacBook Air with a retina display
• With a Retina display!
• Cook: It’s time for a new MacBook Air
• MacBook Air redefined the modern notebook; “It’s become the most beloved notebook ever”
• MacBook Air was a revolution

• Review of macS Mojave’s new features
• Cook: “macOS is the soul of the Mac.”
• Mac continues to be related #1 in customer satisfaction by far
• Total active installed base of Mac users: 100 million
• Over 51% of Mac buyers worldwide are new to Mac
• Apple video of Mac-using creatives “Behind the Mac”
• Apple is here to talk about their most creative product. Of course, that all starts with the Mac!
• “We love New York!”
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage to much applause, “Wow!”
• Apple NYC-themed video with Apple products in everyday use

• AAPL: $214.38, +$2.14 (+1.01%) @ 9:57AM EDT
• 5 minutes to go!
• AAPL: $213.00, +$0.76 (+0.36%) @ 9:49AM EDT
• AAPL Pre-Market: $211.03, -$1.21 (-0.57%) @ 9:28AM EDT
• 9:27am EDT: Apple Store goes offline ahead of event
• AAPL Pre-Market: $211.00, -$1.24 (-0.58%) @ 9:02AM EDT


    1. They’ve always been EXTREMELY scripted. Don’t think that back then, everything was just “off the cuff” 🙂 Maybe Steve made them rehearse more?

      They blew through the MacBook Air and the Mini in less than 30 minutes of a 3 hour presentation.

      1. Dude.. I never insinuated that under Steve KN were not scripted.. it’s just that under Tim, the are a PAIN to watch!
        I love to make food analogies…
        A Steve’s keynote was like:
        Having an Italian meal made by a nonna at an amazing Tuscan scenery sipping a nice Chianti.
        A Tim’s keynote is like:
        Having pasta with Ragu sipping a cheap Californian wine.

      1. Oooh what do we have here… a Timmy fanboy(girl?)!
        STFU you apologist!
        You were probably having an orgasm while screaming and clapping like a sissy excited girl when they mentioned that the new MBA as a very low carbon footprint… you sissy girl!

  1. A12X is a desktop class CPU. Intel may start to worry about their business with Apple in the next 10 years. Beeffed up Mac Mini looks good alternative to my beloved but venerable 6-core 2010 Mac Pro. Silent and fast – perfect companion to my 4K monitors and eGPU.

    Better keynotes? More funny engineers, less Tim, no Angela and things start getting better.
    iPad guy rocks. Natural born and straightforward speaker. He bought me. iPad Pro is on my list.

    I wonder if new iPad Pro may be used as an external monitor for Mac Mini. this feat could make me happy.

  2. No iMac announcement – very disappointing. I was expecting a major update so I could replace my 2010 machines. Hoping there will be a quiet release before end of year as predicted.

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