Official Apple iPhone Xr cases are MIA at launch

“As pre-orders arrive to customers around the world, the first Apple store locations are also starting to open with the iPhone XR on display,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Perhaps most notably, the iPhone XR case selection at Apple stores appears to be just as lacking as the Apple Online Store selection.”

Macotakara visited the Nagoya Sakae Apple store in Japan to judge launch day iPhone XR conditions,” Miller reports. “At this store, Apple had all six colors of the iPhone XR on display – including black, blue, white, yellow, coral, and PRODUCT(RED).”

There are no official Apple cases for iPhone Xr on sale.

“Interestingly, we discovered earlier this month that the press release for the iPhone XR in select countries made mention of a new clear case from Apple for the device,” Miller reports. “However, Apple’s official clear case for the iPhone XR is nowhere to be found – nor are the company’s typical leather and silicone cases.”

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MacDailyNews Take: SNAFU.

Regardless, you don’t want Apple’s $49 clear case (or whatever they’re going to charge for it). You want Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Designed Apple iPhone XR Case in Crystal Clear for $11.99.

We use Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for Apple iPhone Xs Max Cases in Crystal Clear on our iPhone Xs Max units and they’re perfect.


  1. “There are no official Apple cases for iPhone Xr on sale.”

    Gee, what a surprise. $49 Apple tax case NOT AVAILABLE at launch or a competitor $12 case now available. A loser on both counts, way to go pipeline…

  2. If the botch job story is true (See! I need to always prefice my comment with an apparent increase of fake news.), I am imagining then that this “casegate” is yet another indication of Apple’s internal fission, of firming up the development silos as well as of its command and control structure, of management unwilling to see the whole picture and not taking responsibility to make sure that the whole ecosystem is released, leading to people pointing fingers at anyone other then themselves.

    It’s possible that somewhere along the line, management mistook a picture of the rendering for the completed product and just forgot about it which would make the incident into an internal form of unintended fake news.

    I really wonder how Steve Jobs would have reacted.

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