Samsung brand ambassador sued for $1.6 million for using Apple’s iPhone X in public

“Ksenia Sobchak was hired by Samsung to market its smartphones in the country, with the Russian TV presenter, journalist, and politician contracted to use the smartphones in public,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider. “Under the terms of similar agreements between companies and influential people, they are not typically allowed to be seen using competing products in public, a rule that Sobchak broke.”

“According to The Mirror, Sobchak was spotted using an iPhone X during a television interview, with the personality attempting to hide the Apple smartphone under a piece of paper while the cameras were on,” Owen reports. “Sobchak is also said to have used the iPhone X during social events in Moscow and other TV appearances, again against the contract’s rules.”

“Formerly dubbed the ‘Russian Paris Hilton,’ Sobchak is also rumored to be the goddaughter to President Vladimir Putin, who she ran against in elections earlier in 2018,” Owen reports. “The numerous sightings has led to Samsung suing Sobchak for a reported 108 million rubles (approximately $1.6 million) for breach of contract.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t blame her. And, as you can see below, she has plenty of company.

Nobody who has any sense at all willingly uses a fake iPhone.

Sobchak joins a long line of celerities who’ve taken Samsung’s and other iPhone also-rans’ money but kept using their real Apple iPhones:

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  1. @MDN: You don’t blame her? Well, I don’t blame Samsung either.
    Hey Sobchak: if you take the money, do the job. Regardless of this happening to Samsung, why would anyone celebrate a person that renegs

  2. @MDN: You don’t blame her? Well, I don’t blame Samsung either.
    Hey Sobchak: if you take the money, do the job.

    Regardless of this happening to Samsung, why would anyone celebrate a person that reneges on a deal? Who accepted payment to do a job and then betrays her employer?

    1. Yeah we heard you the first time. Strange mind to support the moral rights of a company that show none themselves and where it’s head went to prison in respect of breach of such financial proprietary behaviour. So I call your stand and criticism of MDN decidedly blind and hypocritical in its own right. Not to mention amusing.

      1. No hypocrisy at all. I think Samsung is loathsome. But in this case they were the wronged party. I can criticize Samsung for crap they pull, but paying celebrities to use a product is fair game; they were not, in this case, doing anything wrong. It was the celebrity that was breaching contract, yet because it is Samsung the wrong doing on her part is supposed to be okay? Law only works when it is blind, and held largely in a vacuum. Similarly, just because I think Obama as a public figure has done more damage than good to this country, doesn’t mean I can’t call out the asshole leaving him a pipe bomb for being in the wrong, and a criminal that I hope is caught and prosecuted.

  3. This is so fun, watching that even if they pay you not to, people with at least a gram of brain will always chose a real iPhone.
    A friend of main was telling me how he has heard that iPhones are just not as good and only people who care about fashion use them and I told him “You know what? I have heard exactly the same form many other people.. people who can not afford a real iPhone”.

    1. The doorknobs story is absurd, though. There is zero actual evidence that the alleged GRU guys have tried to poison anyone, and the motive for that is against the move, not for it. 8 years passed since Russia has released the guy for a spy exchange — he has already served six years in prison and gave up his contacts within the UK intelligence he has spied for. And now, many years later, right before the Russian elections and 2018 World Cup they would all of a sudden want to poison the guy, also sabotaging its own spies that might be part of future spy exchanges? It is nonsensical on every level, directly opposite to Russian interests.

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