Apple’s iPhone Xs Max battery outlasts Google’s Pixel 3 XL and Samsung’s Note 9 in test

“YouTuber PhoneBuff shared his first ever battery life test that uses a robotic setup to keep everything as even between the compared phones as possible. He kept all settings the same, except for one difference,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. “Many readers mentioned that the Note 9 had an unfair advantage with its default screen resolution being at 1920 x 1080, with the XS Max coming in at 2688 x 1242.”

“YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss ran the smartphones through many of the same tests that PhoneBuff used like social media, video content, gaming and more. But this time around, he set the Note 9’s display to the full 2960 x 1440 resolution. The Pixel 3 XL natively runs at the same resolution, with the Xperia using a 2880 x 1400 panel,” Potuck reports. “The XS max lasted just over six hours during the intense testing, with the Note 9 shutting down just about 12 minutes before that. The Pixel 3 XL came in third as it powered down after about five hours of testing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In all meaningful facets, iPhone Xs Max shames the wannabes, the would-bes, and the also-rans.


  1. I have iPhone Xs Max for a week. I am extremely happy with it in term of battery wise which last longer and fast, and also I like the bigger iPhone so I can see better. Better camera as well. It worths it $1,403.77. ( Phone $1361.41 + case $42.36).

  2. I suppose it depends upon which tests are run and the results will vary from smartphone to smartphone. It’s hard to know how each person will use their smartphones and maybe most flagship smartphones are satisfactory for the (average) user. I still think Apple should use a larger capacity battery to make it closer to the capacity other smartphone manufacturers are using in their flagships.

    Fortunately, most iPhone purchasers aren’t necessarily checking out Youtube battery longevity tests so they won’t be worrying about if their choice of smartphone doesn’t come up short in some varied tests.

  3. Wondering what the difference in visual fidelity is comparing the Note 9 with max res, iPhone XS Max, and Note 9 with reduced res. This is possibly just my iPhone bias, but I think it would be that despite having a lower resolution, you can’t actually tell the difference between Note 9 at max res and iPhone XS in normal viewing parameters. The Note 9 at 1080p, however, would have a discernible pixelation. Note that OLEDs have a lower sub pixel resolution than LCD due to their sub pixel sharing from pentile layout, so a Note 9 at 1080p and 6.4″ should be much lower pixel density than an old iPhone 6/7/8 plus, which is 1080p at 5.5″ and an LCD RGB layout.

    1. My guess is that it would look similar to the XR in sharpness, which has a 720p RGB screen over 6.1″. The XR is expected to have longer battery life than even the XS Max, so it will be interesting to see the battery life of the XR vs Note 9 at reduced resolution.

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