Adobe is bringing full Photoshop to Apple’s iPad next year

“Adobe is bringing Photoshop CC to the iPad,” Peter Bright reports for Ars Technica. “Set for release next year, Photoshop CC for iPad will bring the full Photoshop engine to Apple’s line of tablets.”

“Photoshop for iPad has a user interface structured similarly to the desktop application,” Bright reports. “It is immediately familiar to users of the application but tuned for touch screens, with larger targets and adaptations for the tablet as well as gestures to streamline workflows. Both touch and pencil input are supported.”

“The interface is somewhat simpler than the desktop version, and although the same Photoshop code is running under the hood to ensure there’s no loss of fidelity, not every feature will be available in the mobile version,” Bright reports. “The first release will contain the main tools while Adobe plans to add more in the future.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.

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  1. Too late, and too expensive …. Serif’s Affinity Photos, Designer and (currently Beta) Publisher programs will be my main game as soon as practicable.

  2. I have been using PS since version one. No way Jose I will give up my large twin screen monitors for a tiny iPad. That said, hey, if that’s all you need best wishes…

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