Inside macOS Mojave’s new Finder features

“The simple Finder that we take for granted has had significant and hugely useful updates for macOS Mojave,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “It’s not all as it seems, though, as some functionality goes a little further than Apple has said —while some turns out to go not quite far as it could.”

“Now [that] we’ve got macOS Mojave, we’re finding out that the new small touches in the Finder really are significant,” Gallagher writes. “Now macOS Mojave’s Finder comes with tools to often save us needing to open files in apps — and to make it faster for us to find what we’re looking for in the first place.”

“Only, if you ask Apple about this, they point you at the new Gallery view and they show how you can get these tools called Quick Actions,” Gallagher writes. “This is all true, but it misses some key details to do with when you get these options — and when you don’t.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, these seemingly small changes to the Finder in macOS Mojave is a genuine productivity boon!


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