Selfie death study: 259 people reported dead seeking the perfect picture

“The quest for extreme selfies killed 259 people between 2011 and 2017, a 2018 global study has revealed,” BBC News reports.

“Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine recommend that ‘no selfie zones’ should be introduced at dangerous spots to reduce deaths,” The Beeb reports. “These would include the tops of mountains, tall buildings and lakes, where many of the deaths occurred.”

“Selfie-related deaths are most common in India, Russia, the United States and Pakistan and 72.5% of those reported are men,” The Beeb reports. “The new study also showed that the number of deaths is on the rise.
There were only three reports of selfie-related deaths in 2011, but that number grew to 98 in 2016 and 93 in 2017. However, the researchers claim that the actual number of selfie deaths could be much higher because they are never named as the cause of death.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s highly likely that the actual number of selfie deaths is underreported. While some may be quick to reference Darwin’s Law, it only takes one bad, hasty decision, of which everyone is capable, to turn into a fatal mistake.

Our advice: Be safe and photoshop it instead.


    1. True… but people have been stupid and gotten killed at Yellowstone before selfies.

      That’s the thing about this report… context is missing for the most. Clearly, taking a selfie in and of itself isn’t going to kill someone.

      It’s what they are doing that’s getting them killed. I would dare say that many (most) of these deaths would occur anyway because they are stupidly engaged in dangerous activities. Many people die doing these sort of things and they aren’t taking selfies when it happens.

      1. Ah yes, context. That thing that wraps around every event and gives it meaning beyond the knee-jerk, click-bait responses that motivate stories like this in the first place. Any more, people don’t give a damn about context. They only care about how a reported event supports the narrative they have subscribed to. I have coined a new name for this era we are forced to live in: the Disenlightenment. Down with science, which crowd-sources data and adjudicates facts! Up with majority opinion, now that we know it can be manipulated to our benefit! — at least with the help of shadowy forces beyond our ken! The overlords are here, but don’t expect them to admit to it — they hardly understand their own powers and can’t bring themselves to relinquish them. In the long run, the only hope for the human race is that men (or women) of conscience somehow prevail in their opposition to bare, infantile power-seeking. I’m betting for that, because any other bet would be suicidal.

        1. You just described perfectly how Conservatives feel about the Left’s atrocious actions the past two years culminating with the fake Kavanaugh Meltdown. I’m not trying to twist your words, I know you meant different, but this is another action in a serious of decades of actions that brought us Trump and I’m afraid the Left’s professional protesters are about to start collecting a LOT of overtime pay.

          1. Agreed, the political Left has a lot to answer for. The Right, everyone knows they have been dirty for generations but don’t much mind because they believe they benefit, even when they don’t. The Right have built a superior belief system, containing elements that appeal to every sort of prejudice and dogmatism. It was cobbled together and made strange bedfellows but it worked. My own personal faith in the Right is that they know where they exceeded basic fairness in order to gain power, and once they seized it they would retreat to a benign position. My faith in the left is that they recognise the damage they caused with their zealotry about class warfare and drop it into the dustbin of history.

            The miracle of America is the blend, the melting pot that forged a country that prospered even as so many other former colonies faltered. The secret sauce was the brilliant Constitution, the one thing all federals are sworn to protect and defend. If and when the Constitution is dismantled, or eroded, or otherwise attenuated — only then will my faith in America be revealed as a silly, unrealistic fantasy.

            1. Your view of the right is perhaps the most childish and backwards statement I have ever read from you.

              What a waste for a fantastic mind to be so skewed by the bullshit media and your willingness to soak it up without question or facts.

              You would fit perfectly on Feinstein’s staff…never realizing that she herself knows it is all a ruse.

              But then, that’s how the left manipulates its (endentured) servants.

              Again, you deeply disappoint me. I hate that.

              Good luck with your outlook.
              Most who see that way end up very angry later in life (if not sooner).

  1. Researchers at the US National Library of Medicine recommend that ‘no selfie zones’ should be introduced at dangerous spots to reduce deaths,

    Gimme a break!!!!!!

  2. Apple should add another photo style next to Portrait Mode: Natural Selection Mode. Face recognition, accelerometers, and gyros work together to keep your face centered and in focus as you sail down from that beautiful ocean bluff you were just standing on.

    1. Back during the “plank” craze I tried to do one on top of a 500′ tower but the only time I actually remembered and had time it was so windy I couldn’t hold still!!
      (Got plenty of other selfies up there though….)

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