Watch iPhone Xs thief get pinned to floor after six crooks are caught robbing Apple Store in broad daylight

“Footage of a brazen Apple Store heist shows six men seemingly stealing iPhone demo models – before escaping with their loot,” Sean Keach reports for The Sun. “One of the apparent crooks failed to escape however, and was filmed being apprehended by security guards and two helpful shoppers.”

“The incident took place at the Apple Store in California’s Santa Rosa Plaza shopping centre. It happened just two days after Apple started selling its new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max,” Keach reports. “YouTuber Yodaisgod2, who captured the footage, said: “I was at the Santa Rosa Plaza and I saw these six guys in jeans and hoodies making their way to the Apple Store. ‘I knew something was about to go down so I recorded it.'”

“Fortunately, staff and shoppers managed to track down one of the escaping suspects. The person recording the footage told us: ‘The guy that was caught appears to be the last guy out of the store,'” Keach reports. “The Santa Rosa Police Department confirmed the incident took place, and is now looking for more information.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Via the Santa Rosa Police Department:

On Sunday, September 23rd, just after 1:00 p.m., several thieves entered the Apple Store at the Santa Rosa Plaza mall and ran away with multiple devices. The theft is currently being investigated by the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Property Crimes Investigative Team. If anyone witnessed the theft, please contact us at (707) 543-3575. We are looking for any cell phone video, photographs or any other information leading to the identification of these thieves.

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    This is Tim Cook’s fault! He’s always hanging out with Donald Trump! Apple is a white supremacist brand!

    Apple denies the poor the pleasure of using their products.

    Apple products prove there is income disparity! Why should poor people be forced to use Android!

    The poor are desperate for the Apple ecosystem! An $800 phone is not a cheap option!

    Black Users Matter!


    1. Damn, the poor was forced to drive Honda and Toyota. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus denied the poor the pleasure of using their products. The poor is desperate for the luxury brands of $70,000 – $90,000 cars are not cheap options. Let’s boy-cot those brands.

    2. BLM: We are talking of real killings by itchy finger fat cops. Shootings in the back. We are talking shootings reaching for a drivers license, shootings while on the floor spread eagle and shooting while comforting a mentally challenged person. We are talking of suffocation to death by “body building muscle show off cops”. We are talking real harassment as if there was a curfew 24/7.

      Don’t know why you have to belittle that.

      1. BLACKS KILL BLACKS at a rate far higher than any other race kills blacks. So, learn it – BLACKS HATE BLACKS. And that includes LeBron James. Who would deny blacks police protection.

  2. It’s too bad Apple can’t incorporate SamSplode exclusive incendiary technology and have the iPhones burst into flame in the thieves hands & pockets as soon as they leave the store perimeter Mission Impossible style. Or unleash a hellacious electro-shock. Taser-ific!

    1. Nope. That will never happen. This country protects thieves because we’re not savages. No cutting off of fingers or hands if a thief is caught stealing multiple times. I’m fairly certain the law doesn’t allow booby-trapping stolen goods because it would be too risky. I had always wanted to booby-trap my car in the event it was stolen by car-jackers but I’m sure the courts would punish me if the car-jacker got seriously injured.

      Things always go in favor of the criminals and that’s why they never stop doing their dirty deeds.

      1. Re: Car Booby Trap
        I had the same thought, looked into it, you’re right. Liability is not something to play with which is why I just can’t see putting myself at risk for any corporate entity.

  3. Innocent until proven guilty. That crook will sue for being manhandled by the civilian and security guards. He has his rights, you know. He’s just a poor, young child who has lost his way and simply needs counseling.


    1. You’re being sarcastic, BUT you’re probably right. The security guards there were doing their jobs and they’re protected as a part of that. The other two private citizens? I was GOING to say “depending on the state” but this is California, sooooo, yeah.

      1. If you can’t manage one guy by yourself, then you shouldn’t try, you’re the kind of person that could get yourself hurt. If you and TWO other guys can’t handle ONE guy, well, you best hope the video of your weakness doesn’t get posted to the inter…


  4. I grew up around SR and have worked in the SR Mall. I was there for the 7.0 earthquake, yada yada.

    If a thief continues to resist when they are caught, that leads me to believe they are hardened. To me, if you are caught, then you should be willing to pay for the crime. Why all the resistance?

    There’s a San Quinten podcast, in the second episode, talks about gang membership and motivation. The belief is that a fellow member is like a brother a family with instant respect from the gang that’s missing at home. The price for that respect is to go along with the gang protect each other and the reputation of the name-sake and territory. The reality is that the relationship between a single member and the rest of the gang is convenience. When things het difficult over a long period of time, the support network disappears, and the personal sacrifice has become empty.

    I believe the Apple Store heists are gang related activity. There’s such a common theme in the security video. So far two thieves have been caught.

    @Thelonious Mac, technology has a price barrier. It’s a perceived racism by the nature that minorities earn a lower income. Follow the path to find the real racism. I find it difficult to accept that higher prices is racism. I would rather focus on lower income and reduced access to education or lower quality education as the real culprit.

    Prior to Brown vs Board of Education, segregated schools had teachers of the same race teaching minority children and providing positive role models. It was unfair and racist. However when desegregation happened, when schools were integrated, it was the minority teachers who were laid off. Minority children lost their role models and languished. They lost faith in the message.

    California didn’t have segregated schools to begin with, however the cost to live in certain communities in effect had a natural segregation. You are welcome to correct me, I want to know if I am wrong. I am interested in knowing the truth.

    If in deed Apple is racist, then it was that way before Steve Wozniak and Steve Job started Apple. I suggest the high prices is more geared towards greed than racism. But it’s no different when looking at comparable products across the industry. There are outliers but an iPhone X/XS/Mac/XR are priced that way, because it costs that much to R&D manufacture and build in a certain percentage of profit, around 30%. When the price goes down, it’s because R&D and scale of economy has allowed the price to decline, otherwise Apple would discontinue the manufacturing of the item. The X is prime example. Its value has dropped below the inherit cost to produce. This also happened with the iPhone 5.

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